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O2 Grow

a division of the Oxygen Research Group LLC, is the exclusive worldwide licensee for patented technology that significantly increases the level of dissolved oxygen in water.  
The patented nano bubble technology behind O2 Grow allows you to maximize oxygen supplementation through a process known as electrolysis. O2 Grow works by taking advantage of the electrolysis cycle at a molecular level, separating the oxygen from hydrogen when electric current passes through an ion-containing solution or a liquid, such as water.

As an air stone alternative, O2 Grow helps increase your nutrient uptake by delivering 50% more dissolved oxygen than traditional air stones. In fact, O2 Grow's products can increase oxygen saturation for indoor and outdoor growing methods such as: deep water culture, drain to waste or surface watering.

Address:     19285 Highway 7 Excelsior, MN 55331
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