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Strong Marketing

Unique Products for Garden & Home
Strong Marketing LLC was founded in 1986 by Alice Strong, in an effort to bring the most unique, well-made, and useful items to the gardening hobbyist and the professional gardener. Alice personally selects the BEST items for the home and garden. Alice's skill is nurturing well-made products and bringing them to the larger market with the same care of a mother for her kids. "It's the 'birthing' of new products that I enjoy the most," says Alice.

Address:     2447 Riverview St. Eugene, OR 97403
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Phone:    541-485-5839    FAX:     541-683-3177



Products 1-20
Atlas Fit Work Gloves (size options)
Strong Marketing
The most comfortable work glove you will ever wear. Atlas Work Gloves ARE the very best. Simple as that. They feature a texturized rubber palm which gives you great grip as well as puncture, cut, and abrasion resistance. The latex coating covers the areas of your fingers actually doing the work.With...

Atlas Therma Fit Glove (size options)
Strong Marketing
Extends the gardening season. Thick, napped liner for comfort & warmth extends the garden season! Atlas ThermaFit's thick, comfortable poly/cotton liner cushions and protects hands and keeps them warm. The natural rubber coating provides an excellent grip, wet or dry, and the...

Cinch Stainless Steel Plant Hanger

Strong Marketing
The "CINCH" Adjustable Plant Hanger is solid stainless-steel, adjustable to fit many sizes and shapes, SO easy to use! Hold a planter, a basket of towels or fruit, even a fishbowl. Be creative- so many uses inside or outside!The "CINCH" is...

CobraHead Precision Weeder and Cultivator

Strong Marketing
The CobraHead� precision weeder and cultivator is the closest thing to a universal garden tool. Its blade is a steel fingernail� that becomes an extension of your hand.

Coil Hose (size options)
Strong Marketing
An expandable hose that won't kink! The Finest Quality Polyurethane Coil Hose Ever Made! Manufactured in the United States using lead-free, top quality FDA grade Polyurethane. Commercial grade machined brass fittings are specially plated to prevent lead from leaching into the...

Ducky Gloves for Toddlers

Strong Marketing
Finally a glove for "little helpers"!! New in 2011 is the Ducky! Glove for Toddlers- Designed for small hands, the Ducky glove is perfect for children eagar to help in the garden. Now kids will have the same hand protection as adults with their own...

Fox Glamour Gardening Gloves (color/size options)
Strong Marketing
Are you tired of buying garden gloves that don't fit, are too bulky, make your hands sweat and wear out way too soon? How many pair of gloves do you own that have holes in them, especially in the index finger or thumb?Now there is a solution thanks...

Garden Holster

Strong Marketing
Safely carry your valuable pruners or scissors in this durable and secure holster. Belt or pocket clip is designed with a notched keeper end so it won't slip off until you take it off. Features a handy hang loop for storage.

Garden Quiver

Strong Marketing
From the Shed to the Bed! The Garden Quiver organizes all the needed materials used to stake and tie plants into one easy-to-carry tote. It even has a string dispenser. Conveniently stands at your work site with the support of a stake and hangs in the shed for storage.

Garden Tooltie

Strong Marketing
All your most used tools at easy access! Imagine going to the garden to tie up plants and having all the necessary items that you usually try to stuff in pockets, attached around your waist.The Tooltie adjustable tool belt features loops for attaching various tools and other accessories...

Mini Coil Hose

Strong Marketing
Eco-friendly polyurethane hose makes watering a breeze! Perfect For Small Containers! 50 Ft.Indoor & Outdoor Mini Coil Hose is an excellent lightweight watering hose for small containers of flowers or plants. The hose is made from 100% Polyurethane and features solid brass fittings which have been...

Nitrile Touch Garden Gloves (color/size options)
Strong Marketing
Nitrile gloves are the best selling glove on the market- They are ideal for projects around the home, as well as the garden. These popular gloves are thin enough to feel the small details BUT with the thorn-resistance of a leather glove. Keeps your...

SeedBallz - Candy for the Gardener (13 varieties)
HAND-ROLLED IN THE USA! SeedBallz really ARE changing lives one SeedBall at a time... They are hand-rolled and packaged entirely by adults with developmental disabilities, here in the USA. * 13 SeedBallz varieties * These cute truffle-like ballz are made of fertilizer,...

Strong Marketing: Gloves, Hoses & Garden Tools

Strong Marketing
Unique Products for Garden & Home Strong Marketing LLC was founded in 1986 by Alice Strong, in an effort to bring the most unique, well-made, and useful items to the gardening hobbyist and the professional gardener.Alice personally selects the BEST items for the home and garden....


Strong Marketing
SunSticks bridge the gap between knowing how much light your plants require and not knowing how much light your garden gets. These sticks (set of 3) simplify this process. All you have to do is place a SunStick in the ground in the morning then...

The Garden Harvester

Strong Marketing
Gather and Rinse your produce easily!

Tugo Cup Holder

Strong Marketing
Changing way we Travel One-Drink at a time! The tugotm is a cup holder that keeps your drink suspended between the upright handles of your rolling bag. Its unique design keeps your cup level to prevent sloshing. Easily attached and removed, tugo collapses to fit in any pocket of your...

Ultra-Light Hose (color/size options)

Strong Marketing
An eco-friendly hose that won't kink! The finest quality polyurethane garden hose ever made. Ultra Light & Slim By Design.Manufactured in the United States using lead-free, top quality FDA grade Polyurethane which is also 100% Phthalate Free. Commercial grade machined brass fittings...

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