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Fabworks (Decker)

The Decker Brand Boiler is a certified pressure boiler. This eliminates the evaporation of boiler water and subsequent adding of fresh water, which is inevitable on open-system heaters. Adding of fresh water introduces oxygen into your system, which will significantly increase corrosion and scaling of your entire hot water heating system. Therefore, a pressure system is a much cleaner system. This translates into dramatically increased boiler efficiency, increased pump life and pump efficiency, and increased performance and life from any components such as heat exchangers, piping heaters, etc.

A pressure boiler gives you peace of mind knowing the product and workmanship is guaranteed to be high quality. The Decker Brand Boiler conforms to and is certified by various boiler safety and pressure vessel organizations, including ASME. This means all materials used are certified and traceable, all welding is done by certified pressure welders, and each individual weld is government inspected and tested. Even the welding electrode material of each weld is certified and traceable.

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