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Watch your plants grow… without lifting a finger.  
Urban life has removed us from the pleasures of the land. We live surrounded by concrete and contact with natural things is being relegated to the occasional weekend. There is little space, little time and the conveniences of cities make us forget that we are intimately linked to plants and that we need them to live if we wish to feel a sense of well-being. minigarden Minigarden was conceived to bring back the green into our lives.

Minigarden Systems --- Combining centuries-old knowledge passed down from parents to children over many generations and cutting-edge design processes, we have developed products conceived to turn anyone into an aficionado of gardening and cultivation of small urban kitchen gardens at home, at school, at the office. Thanks to easy and convenient plant irrigation, nutrition and care solutions, Minigarden systems enable the creation of vertical, corner, horizontal or mixed domestic green spaces of any desired size. Minigarden is ideal for creating a fun family dynamic through rediscovering the pleasure of working with nature. Minigarden enables decorative plants, seasonings and other vegetables to be grown in any kind of home or other locations where agricultural land is not available.

Address:     56 Sheppard Ave W Toronto, ON M2N 1M2
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Phone:    416-572-3646   FAX:  416-291-8090


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