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GT AirInject (AIR2G2)

Air2G2 Aeration Machine.  
The Air2G2, winner of the 2015 STMA Innovative Award, is a state of the art aerating machine that is revolutionizing turf maintenance for golf courses and athletic fields. Not only can the Air2g2 be used all year, regardless of season, weather, or upcoming events, but it is the only aeration machine that does not disrupt play or require a post-application clean up. This one-of-a-kind machine immediately relieves compaction, aides in surface water drainage by creating larger pore space in the soil subsurface, balances the water to air ratio within the soil and encourages positive microbial activity. Furthermore, the increase in air space within the soil means there’s more room for roots to grow. The deeper the roots grow, the more resistant the turf is to drought conditions.

Address:     136 Ellis Rd N Jacksonville, FL 32254
Email:    gtairinject@air2g2.com     Contact:  
Phone:    (904) 379-2243   FAX:  (904) 516-4609


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