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Nature Life

Soil Conditioner!  
A family-owned corporation west of Ropesville, Texas, in the heart of South Plains cotton country, produces NATURE LIFE Soil Conditioner. After processing harvested cotton in a cotton gin to remove the valuable fiber, the remaining material, cotton burrs, is used in our composting process to produce a top quality soil conditioner for use in landscapes or gardening. Our composting process speeds decay of organic material with the assistance of naturally occurring microorganisms. Over a period of several weeks, they cycle through several phases of growth within the product, generating tremendous amounts of energy and raising temperatures to very high levels. Windrows of composting cotton burrs are turned with specially designed cultivators to provide oxygen and moisture for optimal growth of microorganisms, resulting in a superior composted product. We carefully monitor temperature and moisture to ensure that the naturally occurring heat is used to destroy any weed seeds or disease-causing microorganisms that might be present. When the composting process has proceeded to the ideal point, we package NATURE LIFE in colorful 2- and 3-cubic foot bags that are sure to attract attention.

Address:     PO Box 207 Ropesville, TX 79358
Email:    naturelifeinc@lyntegar.com     Contact:  
Phone:    (806) 562-3781   FAX:  (806) 562-4661


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