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Squirrel Repellent

Squirrel Repellent - Scoot3C
Squirrel Repellent - Scoot3C

* 32 oz. Ready-to-Use Spray Bottle
* Made with the Strongest Pepper Available
* Ready to use Dispenser Bottle
* Non-Toxic
* Environmentally Friendly
* Biodegradable
* Safe for Birds
* Long Lasting, Rain Resistant
* Bilingual Packaging
Scoot Squirrel Repellent is highly effective in getting rid of unwanted squirrels.

The secret is “microencapsulation”….which means that there are millions of tiny particles suspended in a liquid carrier – bringing fast results along with time release action.

For outdoor use only, this long lasting, rain resistant repellent is made with the hottest peppers available, which results in immediate effectiveness after just one application. All natural ingredients make Scoot® Squirrel People, Pet, & Plant Safe™ making it ideal for birdfeeder application. Scoot® Squirrel can also be used to keep unwanted cats and dogs!
Q: I have squrirrels in my garage, tell me about your product.

A: Thanks for your question. Use Scoot Squirrel to keep the squirrels from entering your garage. It’s made to modify their behavior when the experience the pepper affects after traveling through a treated area. They get the pepper in their nose and eyes and experience some discomfort - much like we do when we get pepper or a strong soap in our eyes. The pepper affects won’t have any permanent effects for the animal.

I’d suggest spaying Scoot Squirrel on the area they travel to get into your garage. The product is for outdoor use only. When they enter the treated area and get a dose of the pepper a few times they learn that each time they go to that area they will experience discomfort. It may take a few times for them to modify their behavior but generally it only takes a couple of incidences to modify their behavior. It last up to fifteen days. If you notice that they are returning apply another treatment.

I personally have had great success with our Scoot Squirrel product. Scoot Squirrel formula is a cinnamon color and may cause a light red stain if you were to use it near the garage outdoor walls or sidewalk. It does fade with sunlight and rain.
Buyer: Scott Johnston
Item: Scoot Squirrel Repellent
Rating: 5/5 Stars!

Buyer: Nell Wiser
Item: Scoot Squirrel Repellent
Rating: 5/5 Stars!
Comments: This was the second time I have ordered this product from this company

Buyer: Nash
Item: Scoot Squirrel Repellent
Rating: 5/5 Stars!
Comments: 1st Squirrel Repellent that ACTUALLY WORKED!! Very Happy!

Buyer:Louis Torok
Item: Scoot Squirrel Repellent
Rating: 5/5 Stars!
Comments: Great Product - Great Service

My neighbor's dog likes to charge our fence and bark aggressively when he sees us nearby (scares my kids). I sprayed a thin layer of Scoot Squirrel along the top of the fence, and the dog wouldn't go near it. After a few minutes he gave barking all together. Though not the intended application, it worked great and didn't hurt the dog.

I find that a given repellent will work in varying degrees for different populations of the same animal. The gray squirrels here in my yard in semi-rural Ohio are definitely not fond of this product and most of the year it keeps them off my woodpecker feeders.

We decided to branch out to the outdoor living or lawn and garden market under the business name of Pest Solutions. As a result we developed Scoot Mole Evacuator in 1994. Its component - castor oil was safe, natural, and it worked to repel unwanted moles, voles and other burrowing animals. Receiving a Federal EPA Registration for Scoot Mole was a big part of its success. After the consumer sales success of our Scoot Mole, we developed Scoot Deer, Scoot Squirrel and Scoot Rabbit repellents in 1995 to1996. All three new repellents acquired Federal EPA Registrations by meeting rigorous standards and environmental regulations – which means that we had to prove that they work.

In the lawn and garden industry our Scoot repellents gained consumer popularity bringing increased sales for Pest Solutions. We didn’t take our success for granted however and looked for ways to improve on how well our products performed. In 1999 we changed our original formulas and introduced to the market the first water resistant, time release products in the category. Again, we proved their effectiveness and our claim for long lasting results and recieved Federal EPA Registrations.

In order to promote brand recognition Pest Solutions established its new name to Scoot Products in 2002. We’ve been growing ever since. Scoot Products introduced our outdoor living products with the same earth friendly concerns in mind. Our Scoot Mower Cleaner, Mower Shield, Grill Cleaner, Patio Furniture Cleaner, and Bird Feeder Cleaner products are safe to use, biodegradable, and make clean up quick and easy.
Scoot Squirrel is a non-toxic, food grade repellent especially formulated to be highly effective in repelling unwanted squirrels. For outdoor uses only this unique formula works to keep squirrels off bird feeders and discourages them from gnawing and digging.

Scoot Squirrel was designed to repel squirrels by using behavior modification. The formula uses a combination of castor oil and habinaro capsaicin pepper to make the treated area an undesirable location. This combination works in two ways. The castor oil is a natural water resistant sticker that will not only hold the pepper in place but will also help to deliver the pepper to the treated surface.

The pepper ingredients in Scoot Squirrel cause eye and nose irritation when the formula adheres to the fur of the animal and is rubbed into its eyes by its own paws. The result is amazing. After one application the invaders quickly learn to stay away. Scoot Squirrel brings long lasting results. It’s rain resistant and remains effective for up to fifteen days. Re-apply after day fifteen for continuous pest control.

Scoot Squirrel doesn’t need to be applied directly to the feeder in order to discourage squirrel invaders. Simply spray liberal amounts around the feeder base and all possible routes to the feeder including the pole or post. Scoot Squirrel won’t harm the birds. Most birds don’t have taste buds so the pepper doesn’t affect their feeding and a protective coating over their eyes helps prevent any eye irritation caused by the pepper. Scoot Squirrel won’t permanently harm the squirrel invaders either - it simply trains them to stay away.

Scoot Squirrel Repellent works to discourage squirrel gnawing and digging too. Spray it around the ground where squirrel destruction is present and the paths leading to and from the object of their gnawing or persistent digging.

It can also be used to protect flower bulbs from squirrel damage by spraying a liberal amount to the soil before planting bulbs. Spray the ground surrounding the bulbs and new plants periodically to maintain bulb protection.

Scoot Products is a leader in non-toxic pest control. Our goal is to manufacture effective pest repellents that are not hazardous to the environment or the households using them. Scoot Squirrel Repellent is EPA approved so we can’t just say it works and is safe to use. We first proved that they’re safe and work.

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