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Mole Repellent (Qty options)

Mole Repellent  (Qty options)  - scoot1C-
Mole Repellent  (Qty options)  - scoot1C-
Mole Repellent  (Qty options)  - scoot1C-

Available Size QTY: 32oz, 10lb bag, 64oz, 1 or 2.5 gallon refill
Scoot Mole Advantages:
- Castor Oil with Stronger Garlic Formula
- Natural, Non-Toxic Ingredients
- Environmentally Friendly
- Biodegradable
- People, Pet, & Plant safe™
- Long Lasting, Rain Resistant
- Bilingual Packaging
Protect your landscaping investment from moles, voles, gophers and other digging animals with Scoot® Mole Repellent. It’s possible to conquer these destructive invaders with our all natural, 100% biodegradable, earth friendly, castor oil and garlic oil formula. Adding the garlic oil is what makes our Scoot® Mole Repellent multi-critter effective! The animals dislike the taste and smell of formula and move on to untreated territory. Our 32 oz., easy to use hose end applicator bottle treats 10,000 square feet. One treatment last up to 90 days!

Scoot® Mole Time Release Granules are made with the same active ingredients as our Scoot® Mole Liquid Repellent. Our Scoot® Mole Granular product is easy to use with most any type of broadcast or drop spreader. What makes our granular repellent unique is its time release action. The varying sized granules breakdown at different rates releasing fresh scents of castor and garlic oils that last up to 90 days. Non-toxic, Green, and 100% natural, Scoot® Mole Granular, safely and effectively gets rid of moles, voles, gophers, rabbits, chipmunks, skunks, and other burrowing animals. Our 10 lb. bag covers 10,000 Sq. Ft. Our advanced formula and coverage capabilities could quite possibly be the best value on the market!
Q: What concentration of liquid would I use for the mole repellent in a backpack sprayer?
A: Scoot Mole Liquid is dispersed at a 20 to 1 ratio. Our 32 oz. bottle will cover 10,000 sq. ft.

Q: I read the comments regarding animals. It says it is safe. When I was at the store the clerk said that if my dog walked on the product after it was applied and licked his paws he would get sick. Could you please advise me if Scoot Mole is safe to apply? Also, my neighbor has a cat that frequents our year. Will it be safe for the cat also?
A: Thank you for your inquiry about the safety of our Scoot Mole Repellent. Scoot Mole is made with all natural Castor and Garlic Oils. It’s perfectly safe for animals to walk on after applying. The oils start to penetrate the soil immediately after watering the treated area. Scoot Mole is People, Pet, & Plant Safe™.

Q: Is this product also effective against voles, and is it safe to use in a vegetable garden?
A: Scoot Mole is very effective in repelling moles, voles, gophers, and other burrowing animals and it’s safe to use in a vegetable garden. The Castor and Garlic Oils are natural ingredients so it’s People, Pet, & Plant Safe™. Please let us know if you’d like more information about our Scoot Mole Repellents.

Q: I'm just beginning a lovely large vegetable garden plot in a Community Garden - we were told that they have a constant struggle with the vole population. Is your product safe for using in and around vegetable plots?
A: What a wonderful Community Project you’ve undertaken. Thank you for your question regarding using Scoot Mole Repellent in a vegetable garden. Scoot Mole Repellent is made with Castor and Garlic Oils that are People, Pet, & Plant Safe™, they’re natural ingredients. It’s very effective in repelling moles, voles, gophers, and other burrowing animals. I’d recommend treating the garden area fairly soon. Spring is a great time to apply our product and it would be easier to apply before the plot is planted. The oils won’t harm the people doing the planting. The oils permeate the soil between eight and ten inches so it gets down to the moles, voles, and gophers food source. They dislike the smell and taste and have a hard time smelling their food and will go to untreated areas.

Q: I have the 32 oz container of Scoot Mole. I have sprayed it for 20 minutes or more and the level of material in the container has gone down maybe 1/2 inch. How long does it normally take to use up a full container? I used Scoot last year and do not remember this problem.
A: Thank you for your inquiry and for choosing our Scoot Mole Repellent. In answer to your question - it usually only takes between twenty to twenty five minutes to empty our 32oz. bottle. However if the oil is cold it tends to take longer. We’re located close to you in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the outside temperature has been pretty cool. If your bottle wasn’t stored inside it was more than likely not warm enough to dispense in less time. I usually tell our cooler weather customers to set the bottle in a sink with hot water for ten to fifteen minutes to warm of the oil before applying. Hope that this helps for future use!

Q: I need to know if your products are safe for my pets. I would also like to know more about your cleaning products and their safety?
A: Scoot Mole Liquid and Scoot Mole Granular are People, Pet, & Plant Safe. The Castor and Garlic Oils used in the product are all natural ingredients. If your animals were to chew on the bottle or granular bag and ingest a lot of the product they would more than likely experience loose stools and/or vomiting but would not have long lasting effects. We're not aware of this ever happening! Thank goodness! Hope this answers your question.

Q: What is the percentage of castor oil. We have used some in the past, and it only works well if it is a high concentration.
A: The percentage of Castor Oil in our Scoot Mole Liquid is 99.8897%. We add a very potent Garlic Oil - 0.1103% that makes the product multi-critter functional. By adding the garlic oil our Scoot Mole repels Rabbits, Chipmunks, Ground Squirrels, Skunks, and other burrowing animals that dislike the smell and taste of the garlic oil. Both our Scoot Mole Liquid and Granular Repellents are proven performers. The key driving the animals away is following our step by step application instructions. Let us know if you need more information.

Q: What works to get rid of moles. How much do we need of your product?
A: Our Scoot Mole Repellents really do work to get rid of moles, voles, gophers, skunks, rabbits, chipmunks, and other burrowing animals. We use only the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade Castor and Garlic Oils in our Scoot Mole Products. Scoot Mole 32oz. bottle covers 10,000 square feet, goes on with a hose end applicator. Scoot Mole Granular 10# bag covers 10,000 square feet, it's applied using a broadcast spreader.

Q: Will it also repel my neighbors outside dwelling cats from coming into my yard & using it as a litterbox. The odor at my front door is absolutely horrid.
A: We have a product that will work to keep the cats from your yard. Spray our Scoot Squirrel Repellent in the areas by your front door and paths that they travel through regularly. They’ll find the pepper effects uncomfortable for a short time - without causing them any permanent affects. The cats will learn that every time they enter the treated area they’ll have a bad experience and consequently will stay away. It may take a few incidences of discomfort for animals but eventually they will modify their behavior.

Q: Does this product make your yard smell like garlic?
A: Thanks for your email. You will have a slight smell when applying. It is not overpowering and will disperse quickly. I (personally) actually like the odor. When we are filling bottles I get hungry as I LOVE Italian food.

Regardless if you are applying our liquid or granular product, it gets down into the soil when you water or it rains. From then on there is no odor at all. Hope this helps! Q: How new is this product? After 90 days, you retreat the perimeter of affected property--how long can you get by with treating only the perimeter? Does it have to be applied with or without watering? (Please do not share my e-mail address!)
A: Thanks for your email – and we never share our customers information . We had to do a TON of efficacy testing prior to obtaining EPA approval and licensing. Basically we had to prove it works. We have been making this for a decade and receive very few complaints. The complaints we do get typically are from customers who don’t read the label and treat their entire yard at once…not driving the moles out like we suggest. If, for any reason, you are not THRILLED with the results, let us know. We’ll gladly refund your money. In terms of the reapplying after 90 days, yes- you just do the perimeter to create a barrier. The Mole Liquid is applied with a hose end applicator – so it is watered while you apply it. The granular requires either watering OR a good rain after application for it to activate. Both options rely on the active ingredients to work down 8-10 inches into the soil to affect the moles food source. Hope this helps.

Q: What air/soil temperature do you recommend for application?
A: Regardless if you are applying the liquid or the granular – the active ingredients need to get worked down about 8-10 inches into the soil to be effective. Air temp doesn’t matter…but the ground has to not be frozen to that depth for it to work….the warmer the better, but anything above freezing will work.

Q: Is this product safe on household pets such as dogs?
A: Thanks for your email. Our Mole Repellent (& all our repellents) are All Natural, EPA tested & registered, and People, Plant and Pet Safe. In fact, they don’t even hurt the moles/voles…the active ingrediants (garlic and castor oils) irritate the smelling ability of the burrowing animals so they can't find their food. It basically drives them away seeking other areas that don't have the odor. Worse case if your dog stuck their head in the bag, they would basically be eating Clay, Castor Oil and Garlic Oil. Would probably vomit & get loose stools…but they would have to eat a bunch of it. When you apply the granular – it breaks down and works it’s way into the soil after you water it and/or it rains…so the amount on the surface / top layer for the dog to eat will be minimal anyway. Happy hunting.
We had it all - moles, gophers, voles - holes. Traps and devices we tried didn't work at all. We hired a professional service and that failed badly. The Scoot Mole Repellent has so far been quite helpful. After we re-applied the second time we definitely have seen progress. The best thing is I didn't have to poison myself while applying, knowing that it is not made from chemicals. David, North Carolina

I have battled moles for years. Last year I ran across your 10lb. granular bag at Meijer and tried it on a whim. Ended up buying more and never had a single mole the entire summer. I was astonished.

This is the only Mole Repellent that I have had success with. I have pets and many products advertised are harmful to them. This required very little energy and does the job.

I've had mole problems in my yard over the past year. Living in the Northeast, however, the problem subsided during the winter. Do those little suckers hibernate? This Spring I started seeing holes popping up everywhere, and my once beautiful lawn became very uneven due to the holes that the moles were tunneling under the surface. I investigated everything from the traps (not effective) to the ultrasonic devices (too expensive), and decided upon Scoot based on its natural "cure"- castor oil and garlic oil. I wasn't overly optimistic given the fact that my neighbors have all told me that they had tried everything (not this product) without success. After two applications (a week apart) I have seen absolutely no new holes in my yard for over a month. I will re-apply as per the directions, but can tell you that this product is worth its weight thus far. I HIGHLY recommend it!

I've had an unbelievable battle with moles and chipmunks over the last few years. I've tried the usual methods ( poison peanuts and worms, smoke bombs, traps, and I've tried to drown them). I've really had no luck with any of this. The first time I used ScootMole though, I could really see a difference in the amount of activity in the yard. My main concern is not being able to find your product in stores. The stores don't seem to order large quantities and it sells out fast. They also have told me that ScootMole only comes in 32 and 64 oz. Thanks to your website, I see that you also make 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon size. I'm anxious to get my 2.5 from you. I've been spraying in the center of the yard and working my way out toward the perimeter. I'm looking forward to the time when I can simply spray a perimeter around my yard and discourage the varmints from coming in! Thanks for your product. Riley LeMay...Vicksburg, MI
Scoot Mole is a tried and tested mole repellant solution. Its primary ingredients, castor oil and garlic oil affect the moles sense of smell which makes it very difficult to find food. The mole, unable to find food, begins to dehydrate and eventually will leave the area. Moles follow their food - if they can’t smell it they move on to an area where they can.

How to apply Scoot Mole
Scoot Mole is an easy to use, non-toxic, biodegradable product that is applied directly on your lawn and garden. Our proven application method suggests that the most effective way to apply Scoot Mole is to start at the foundation of your house and work out from there. It’s specifically designed applicator creates a rainfall effect, releasing product into the soil where it soaks in to the top six to ten inches of soil where the mole runs are most noticeable.

Day One - Attach hose to applicator and spray a perimeter ten to fifteen feet from your home - Water for at least one half hour after application.

Day Two - Water treated area for one half hour.

Day Three - Attach hose to applicator and spray the next ten to fifteen feet from your home - Water for at least one half hour after application.

Day Four - Continue treating ten to fifteen feet from last treated area until all outside area has been treated

Treat and water as directed in Day One & Day Two.

Repeat application once a month to discourage moles from returning.

Treat all flower beds, gardens and under decks. Moles will go to the untreated areas to escape the smell and taste of Scootâ Mole. We recommend heavy application next to driveways, patios and sidewalks to ensure that the oil penetrates the surrounding soil. Scootâ Mole is a non-poisonous pest control solution - not harmful to children, pets, grass, flowers, plants or vegetables.

Be sure to water as directed. The water helps the oil penetrate the soil and drives the moles favorite foods to the surface. Where there’s food - the mole will follow. The closer to the surface the mole gets the more affect Scoot Mole has on the moles olfactory.

Coverage: One quart Scoot Mole Repellent dispensed with water supply on full pressure will cover 10,000 sq. ft. (100 ft. x 100 ft. area.)

Great Results – Mole Evacuation!

Moles dislike the odor and taste of Scoot Mole. When they first smell it they may become very active trying to get away from the odor. They come to the surface to find an area that hasn’t been treated and will usually leave the treated areas in one to two weeks after application. Moles can’t wait to evacuate!

When used as directed - control of mole activity will last a minimum of 30 days and could remain effective for up to 90 days - leaving you with a beautiful lawn.
It’s not hard to tell whether you have moles in your yard or garden, but there are some things that might be helpful to know when combating their presence. We’d like to share a bit of our mole knowledge with you in order for you to make an informed decision when you’re looking for a mole repellant solution that really works.

There are seven species of moles in North America. The star-nosed and Eastern moles are the most common and best known - except for a few distinguishing body features, all behave relatively the same. Research shows that moles are extremely well adapted to their underground environment. Their bodies are streamlined and flat, ideal for burrowing and moving easily in their tunnels. Their body structures feature an upper arm bone that angles up and out from their bodies, and is flatter and wider for attaching large digging muscles. Their tiny forelimbs protrude out to the side for maximum shoveling power.

Moles have tiny slits for eyes that are covered with a thin skin that keep them in perpetual darkness. Their ears are unseen, hidden under their hair which makes their hearing capability very poor. What makes moles successful food hunters is their keen sense of smell and fine, sensitive body hair. They can detect a small animal or insect both under and on the surface of the ground by feeling the vibrations of the soil moving around them.

Moles need to eat their own body weight every three days or they will dehydrate and die. That’s why they are always on the move scouting for white grubs and their favorite - night crawlers and earthworms. Excess food is often cached or stored in their nest. When their food supply diminishes they begin stretching their boundaries and will abandon a territory to find sustenance.

Moles can survive easily in any climate. When it’s warm, they tunnel near the surface and occasionally venture outside of their tunnels. When the weather cools, they dig a little deeper, breathing the carbon dioxide that filters through the soil. Moles are sustained by the tunnels they create; their digging leaves a space for their food to literally drop through. An average mole consumes half its weight in food daily - the equivalent of 15-20 night crawlers. Moles make their rounds about three to four times daily, usually on a regular schedule. They retrace a productive run as long as there’s food, after that they begin to dig new tunnels. They most always maintain a main run home, one that is usually at a lower level and out of sight. Moles dig or search for food anywhere from a few minutes to two and a half hours a day. The rest of their time is spent sleeping.

Moles reproduce in late spring, usually producing litters of four or less. Mothers nurse their young for about three weeks, during which they grow to 17 times their birth weight. After a short weaning period, they leave the nest and find their own grounds to inhabit.

Moles inhabit only loose soils and sandy loams, where their food supply is readily found and tunneling is not restricted. They are prodigious diggers. A single mole can dig up to 300 feet or more each day. The average mole can shove as much as ten pounds of soil - 50 times its own weight - into molehills in 20 minutes. This is the equivalent of a single coal miner moving 12 tons of coal in one hour. The mole makes two types of tunnels. Surface tunnels, the ones we notice - are for feeding when soil is frost-free. Subsurface tunnels are for winter feeding and access to nesting places.

About the only positive characteristic of these little creatures is that moles are not very social animals. Very seldom will you find more than three or four per acre. When their tunnels come close or overlap, they sense each other’s presence and stay away. That means that most homeowners have only one mole on their property.

It’s possible to conquer these underground dwellers and send them packing. Scoot Mole Repellent has been tested and proven in numerous applications. In addition to private homeowners, Scoot Mole is used by professional lawn care specialists, parks and recreation departments, and greens keepers of public and private golf courses.

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