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Central Life Sciences -- Insect Controls

Central Life Sciences manufactures and markets some of the most recognized professional and consumer brands in the veterinary, animal health, specialty pest control and public health/vector control markets. Central Life Sciences is dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and the protection of companion animals, economic animals, plants, stored grains, and the environment. To enhance the quality of life through products that are researched and developed in a scientific environment, we create trusted consumer and professionally applied goods to control economic, nuisance and disease-carrying insects; products for nutrition and behavior modification; and products used in support of human and animal health.


Insect pests compromise the livelihoods of countless commercial growers every year. Controlling damaging insects, such as aphids, thrips, mites, whiteflies and fire ants require comprehensive programs to effectively prevent costly infestations. The Wellmark division at Central Life Sciences offers insect growth regulators and adulticides to provide operators the tools they need to help protect their products.

The combination of Enstar AQ and Mavrik Aquaflow provide the dependability of IGRs and the stopping power of an adulticide to control the insects that commonly infest greenhouse and nursery plants. To battle fire ants, Extinguish Plus professional bait offers two formulations to fit operator needs.

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