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Bird Feeder Cleaner

* 14oz quanity
* 100% Non-toxic
* Environmentally safe
* Biodegradable
* Won’t harm the birds
* Great Results
Cleaner offers POWER ACTION for Wood, Metal, Glass, and Plastic Feeders. This concentrate makes up to 14 gallons (53 liters) of POWER DIP. Protect the well being of our feathered friends by establishing a clean bird feeding environment. The fast acting, powerful, enzyme based formula restores feeders to look almost new again! It’s strong enough to remove stubborn bird droppings and safe for use on all types of feeders.
We decided to branch out to the outdoor living or lawn and garden market under the business name of Pest Solutions. As a result we developed Scoot Mole Evacuator in 1994. Its component - castor oil was safe, natural, and it worked to repel unwanted moles, voles and other burrowing animals. Receiving a Federal EPA Registration for Scoot Mole was a big part of its success. After the consumer sales success of our Scoot Mole, we developed Scoot Deer, Scoot Squirrel and Scoot Rabbit repellents in 1995 to1996. All three new repellents acquired Federal EPA Registrations by meeting rigorous standards and environmental regulations – which means that we had to prove that they work.

In the lawn and garden industry our Scoot repellents gained consumer popularity bringing increased sales for Pest Solutions. We didn’t take our success for granted however and looked for ways to improve on how well our products performed. In 1999 we changed our original formulas and introduced to the market the first water resistant, time release products in the category. Again, we proved their effectiveness and our claim for long lasting results and recieved Federal EPA Registrations.

In order to promote brand recognition Pest Solutions established its new name to Scoot Products in 2002. We’ve been growing ever since. Scoot Products introduced our outdoor living products with the same earth friendly concerns in mind. Our Scoot Mower Cleaner, Mower Shield, Grill Cleaner, Patio Furniture Cleaner, and Bird Feeder Cleaner products are safe to use, biodegradable, and make clean up quick and easy.
Buyer: Monica Homes
Item: Scoot Bird Feeder Cleaner
Rating: 5/5 Stars!
Comments: I couldn't believe how well this product cleaned my bird feeder. It took little effort from me. I just soaked my feeder in a bucket with warm water and a few table spoons of the cleaner. It came right off!!

"Hello Ron. Thank you for taking my order this morning and for being so pleasant to speak with. You have great customer service skills.

I am writing this email to tell you that the Scoot Bird Feeder Cleaner is the BEST !! It is truly the most efficient and environmentally friendly cleaner there is. And it's so simple to use ... just add water, and watch the yukky stuff dissolve. No scrubbing needed - the cleaner does all the work.

After just finishing cleaning my feeders with soap and water and getting drenched in the process (I was out of Scoot) it will be nice to have the product again and let it do the hard work instead of me.

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