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Gold Crest Distributing

Birding, Pets, Gift and other Outdoor Nature related lines.
Founded in 1995 by the Toellner family, Gold Crest Distributing is a leading distributor of wild bird products and accessories as well as nature inspired gifts, home décor, and entertaining accessories and necessities. Centrally located in the heart of America, Mexico, Missouri, we are typically no more than 3 shipping days way from any location.


Address: PO Box 157 Mexico, MO 65265
Email: sales@goldcrestdistributing.com Contact:
Phone: (573) 582-0559 FAX: 866-340-9670



Our Mission

We believe it is crucially important that we speak to our company’s mission as it informs and directs our choices and faith.

It is so important to us to encourage everyone to see the beauty and wonder of God’s world. It would be a wonderful plus if, by the end of this time of social distancing and quarantine for some, we had played some small part getting more families and children engaged in the outside world. For a very long time and on every email and letter I have used the quote at the bottom of this email.

In these very hard economic times, we are doing our utmost to encourage consumers to spend as much of their disposable income to buy something at a locally owned family business. We firmly believe that small independent businesses are the fabric of our main streets particularly in small communities where these businesses cause so many more dollars to reach and remain in their communities where they have a beneficial multiplying affect. They are the ones supporting our churches, local causes, charities and scholarships, and sponsoring ball uniforms on the backs of our children.

We also believe that part of this country’s resurgence will be based on manufacturing product here at home in the USA. For us, this is particularly pertinent as we manufacture many items here in Missouri. This helps us hire back and maintain our workforce. In turn this enriches our local community.

"Remember Nature is a Stress Reliever from God. Take time today to listen to the Birds Sing."   Birdman Mel.

Mel, Bev, Becky and Grant Toellner

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