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Michael Carr Designs: Pottery Showcase

Each Pot Is Unique

At Michael Carr Designs one of the things that makes our line of garden pottery special is that each piece is hand-made. Each piece starts with a talented craftsman taking clay and pushing it into a mold by hand. After an initial drying, they remove it with their hands and tirelessly work to smooth each seam and each design element out to give it the sleek shape that you see in each finished product. The piece is dried once again and liquid glazes are applied to the pots by hand. The pots are then moved to the kiln where it is set up to fire. Inside the kiln, heat will circulate throughout. Within the rustic old world kilns, heat inside varies slightly from spot to spot. The heat combined with the unique glazes are what creates the colors and runs of the glazes. These slight variations in temperature are what give each piece its own unique color and runs. This is how customers get that one of a kind look with each piece.

Wide Assortment Of Collections & Styles

As a brand Michael Carr Designs strives to bring to market a broad selection of pottery and decor styles and fashions. Each year we keep it new and exciting, refreshing the collection with updated colors and styles. Our brand features several different collections all with their own unique color glazes, styles and sizes.

While we do have some open-stock pottery sold by the set (wholesale only), the majority of our collections are sold in pallet assortments. Each pallet assortment includes a variety of nested sizes in the designated styles. Some pallet assortments feature assorted colors, while other pallet assortments feature one color in various styles. This gives you the opportunity to easily build a complete pottery shop within your garden center.

  • Vietnamese Glazed Pottery
  • Vietnamese Volcanic Glazed Pottery – New for 2018!
  • Vietnamese Light Cement & Terra Cotta Pottery
  • Liconfiber™ Pottery & Statuary
  • Malaysian Glazed Pottery
  • Glazed Bird Baths
  • Glazed Fountains
  • Old World Collection – Featuring Statuary, Decor and Pottery
  • Indoor Pottery – Bonsai Planters, Orchid Pots, Wall of Color Small Pieces
  • Resin Statuary – Michael Carr Critters

Freeze & Frost Resistance

Select pieces within our collections are designed to be freeze and frost resistant. Look for the snowflake icon on our catalog pages denoting planters that can tolerate colder temperatures.

Largest Display Of Pottery In The Country, At One Location, From One Source

Attending the pottery showcase allows you to purchase from the widest selection in the industry. This is your opportunity to see the full line up of what we have to offer for the next season.

See What's New

We have hundreds of new items which will provide you the opportunity to enhance your color and style selection with a minimum inventory investment. Our 20,000sq ft air-conditioned showroom features over 6,000 unique designs, colors and styles – over 60% is new for this year!

Maximize Your Savings - Guaranteed Best Price Of The Year

Those who attend and place orders at the pottery showcase enjoy the GUARANTEED BEST pricing. Featuring a tiered pricing structure to allow you to maximize your savings.

Container Direct Pricing

If you can handle wholesale container quantities of product, we have a special program designed just for you.

Our Pottery Showcase Is 9 Days Long & Coincides With The Atlanta Mart

This allows plenty of flexibility for you to schedule your appointment to attend without interfering with vacations or busy work schedules and the convenience of one trip to the Atlanta Gift Mart and our showroom. We offer a complimentary shuttle service, available between the Gift Mart, our showroom and the airport.

Product Availability

We allocate your order based on the date you place the order. Therefore orders placed Michael Carr Pottery showcase orders receive the highest priority allocation and are reserved for you.


Premium Designs With Unmatched Quality & Affordable Prices
Michael Carr Designs is an exclusive line of high design garden pottery, fountains, statuary and bird baths. It is available at local independent garden centers across the United States. With fashionable colors, soft raining finishes, and multiple styles, the Michael Carr Designs collection offers something for everyone. Our one-of-a-kind pottery collection is handmade, begins with a craftsman molding the clay and ends in a rustic old world kiln that provides each piece with its own uniqueness.

Address:     14500 Kinsman Rd. Burton, OH 44021
Email:     infomichaelcarrdesigns@gmail.com     Contact:     BFG Supply
Phone:    866-358-9998    



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