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    The National Lawn & Garden Show - NLGS
    June 17 - 19, 2024 .... Irving, TX



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    4 Seasonal Trends

    Aaren Exports


    Aldrich Engineering

    Aquor Water Systems


    Avon Plastics

    BB Designs USA

    Beacon Garden Products

    Bio Green OHG


    Bliss Hammocks

    Blue Orange Pottery


    Bugband Inc

    California Vermiculture

    Ceras Roura

    Ceyhinz Link Int’l

    Danger Zone

    Denovo Brands

    DIG IT Apparel

    Dr. Jimz

    EPA Enterprises


    Fence Fabric

    Fusion Products

    Glorious Outdoors

    Gloves in a Bottle

    Grandpa Gus's (1)


    Knight Chemicals


    Medella Laboratories


    Petag, Inc.

    Pied Piper Animal Traps

    Quest Brands


    RTS Home Accents

    Skyhorse Publishing

    Spear & Jackson UK

    St. Andrew’s Holy Carp! Fertilizer

    Storey Publishing

    Summit Outdoors


    Xynyth Manufacturing

    Guaranteed Appointments -- Guaranteed Results.   June 17 - 19, 2024 .... Irving, TX
    The National Lawn & Garden show since 1995 is committed to connecting companies and individuals in the Lawn and Garden industry through professional engagement. With our unique custom matched appointments, we strive to create a fun and efficient business model. We believe these face-to-face connections drive business and build lasting relationships.


    As a Buyer... You save time with our signature pre-set appointment format. You select the products you want to see, eliminating unnecessary appointments. Vendors bring the products to you at your private conference table. Presentations will be personalized with your requirements.

    As a Vendor... There is no booth and no additional set up expenses. Here, you are in the drivers seat. Instead of standing in a booth, you move from buyer to buyer according to a guaranteed, pre-set appointment schedule. No more waiting and wondering if you’ll see the right buyer!

     Contact Us:
    719.488.0226 .....