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Optimara-Floremara -- African Violets

Earth's largest grower of African Violets
With the widest selection of full-blooming varieties, Optimara continues to advance the industry with new plant varieties and innovative growing techniques, refined over years of research and development. We strive to provide new, exciting plants and care products which are trend setting and truly functional. Our effort is to continue offering customers a unique selection of flowers in a beautiful product line.

Our company was founded in 1904, by Martin Dorrenbach in Isselburg, in the lower Rhein Valley of Germany. By the 1930's, the son-in-law and horticulturist, Hermann Holtkamp, Sr. bred his first Saintpaulias on only one square meter (10.76 square feet) of greenhouse space. After the war Hermann Holtkamp Sr. intensified his breeding efforts and by the early 1950's, the first real success gave the breeder hope for the plant's future.

At the time, Mr. Holtkamp said that the African Violet would be the potted plant of the future. Our company grew many different crops, later to be replaced, one by one, by the African Violet.

Address:     1501 Lischey Ave. PO Box 78565 Nashville, TN 37207
Email:    contact@optimara.com     Contact:   Cone, Joan
Phone:    800-443-2290   FAX:  830-890-5817


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