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Aaron's Creek Farms .... Bedding Plants, Plugs and Pots
Established in 1964, our wholesale bedding plant and plug ranges have grown to over 350,000 sq ft. In these 40 plus years our focus has always been on quality and service.
AG3, Inc. -- Tissue Culture Liners.
AG 3, Inc. is a liner producer specializing in perennials, grasses, hosta, bulbs, tropical foliage and carnivorous plants.
Agri-Starts -- Wholesale Tissue Culture Liners.
Agri-Starts is the world's leading and most reliable supplier of plant tissue culture starter plants and services.
Amos Zittels & Sons - Wholesale farm and greenhouse
The Zittel family has been growing in Eden Valley for over 120 years ..... growing over 300 acres of fresh market vegetables and four acres of plant material.
Arc Ferns -- 150 different fern varieties
Our customers are growers, nurseries, and resellers who produce and market beautiful house and garden ferns.
Aris Horticulture - Green Leaf Plants and Keepsake Plants!
A leading grower and researcher of high quality ornamental plant products. With 90 years of experience, we understand challenges to bring better plants to market, more efficiently and more profitably.
Barnes Greenhouses -- Let us grow for you!
Leading wholesale supplier of liners and plugs including Vinca and vernalized perennials. Our wide variety of annuals, perennials, bedding plants & vegetables are available in Spring.
Barone Gardens - retail, wholesale and young plants
Young Plant Propagator for -- Syngenta Flowers, The Suntory Collection, Kientzler & Greenfuse. Hardy Mum Propagator for -- Syngenta & Gediflora.
Bates Sons & Daughters -- Caladiums
We offer only large Number One and premium Jumbo caladium bulbs, which yield more and bigger leaves per plant. Our selections include exclusive, unusual, patented, & new caladium varieties.
Bluebird Nursery - Hardy perennials, clematis, ferns, grasses
Plants are propagated from seed, cuttings, layers, division and tissue culture in Bluebird's 8 acres of greenhouse plus overwintering houses and tissue culture lab.
Booman Floral - Exceptionally beautiful. Extremely unusual.
With > 20 patents, 160,000 sqft greenhouses, and two million cuttings rooted per week, Booman Floral is largest propagator of Rex Begonias in US, and grower of carnivorous plants in the world
Bosgraaf Greenhouses - Seven series of dahlias
We offer seven series of dahlias as unrooted and rooted cuttings, all started from tissue-culture stock to ensure the cleanest and best performing plants possible.
Botany Lane Greenhouse - People Growing for People
Wholesale grower producing finished premium annuals, perennials and herbs as well as young plant sales for other greenhouses. We provide unique, high quality container gardens and hanging baskets.
Casa Flora -- Your One Stop Fern Source.
Casa Flora, Inc. is a world-leading producer of ferns and heuchera based in Dallas, Texas, with additional facilities in Florida and China.
Center Greenhouse -- Wholesale Plugs & Liners Source
Top quality plant material and extraordinary customer service has earned Center Greenhouse the loyalty of the best independent garden centers, landscapers, and golf courses.
Chastek Greenhouses - Annuals & perennials
A Wholesale only Greenhouse. We grow annuals, perennials, vegtables.
Classic Groundcovers -- a wholesale nursery
We ship over 120 varieties of quality ground cover plants and perennials across the U.S. We ship what you need, when you need it, with no minimum order.
Cohen Propagation Nurseries - 222 million cuttings
A family business located in Israel, specialized in the export of un-rooted cuttings of Bedding and Basket plants.
Creek Hill Nursery - Growing liner production company
"Leading Edge" of new plant varieties ... we seek out breeders and hybridizers from around the world. Our plants range from "tried-and-true" favorites to the latest "hot plants" and cultivars.
DeGroot Inc - Perennials, Flowerbulbs, Fruits & Vegetable
DeGroot was established in 1957 as a wholesale-only grower for perennials, flowerbulbs, small fruits and vegetables. We have been supplying top quality products for over 60 years!
DeVroomen Garden Products -- Bulbs and Perennials
A family tradition of quality, service and value since 1925, DeVroomen is a premiere wholesale supplier of spring and summer flowering bulbs along with bare root and plug perennials
DGI Propagators - formerly Duwayne’s Greenhouse
DGI Propagators is a wholesale company that specializes in selling rooted cuttings in Annuals, Begonias, Geraniums, Edibles, and Mums.
Donahue's Greenhouse - The Clematis specialists
Donahue's quality Clematis have been filling perennial gardens and nurseries for years. We have available over one hundred thirty varieties of climbing Clematis vines.
DS Cole Growers - Vegetative annual plants
D.S. Cole Growers, Inc. continual search for new selections from all over the world make it possible for us to offer our distributors the finest brand names and performance.
Dummen Orange - Blossoming from around the world
DÜMMEN ORANGE represents a legacy of floricultural excellence more than a century in the making and a desire to unite the world through the language of flowers.
Eckert's Greenhouse - Containers, Hanging Baskets
The Weekender hanging basket comes with wicking system to make it easier for non established or plants that are normally shallow rooted to receive water from the 1 gallon reservoir.
Emerald Coast Growers - 30-plus acres of field crops
In our second quarter-century, we expect to have over half a million square feet of greenhouses, with 30-plus acres of field crops for grass divisions.
Esbenshades Greenhouses - Brighten Your Backyard
Esbenshade’s Greenhouses can help growers at any stage of the production cycle. We offer full line of rooted cuttings, pre-finished and finished crops. Brighten Your Backyard with Colorful Blooms
Faribault Growers - Mums of Minnesota!
Faribault Growers, Inc, is a wholesale grower of high quality finished products such as hanging baskets, 4 1/2" annuals, Proven Winners, patio pots, and fall mums.
Florida Cactus - Cactus and succulents
A FUN place to visit and purchase cactus and succulents!! Family owned & operated since 1961. Stop by and check us out!!
Florida Tuxedo Plants - Founded in 1981
We are wholesale growers & shippers in a 25 acre nursery specializing in hibiscus bush, Standard, Braid, and Topiaries!
Four Star Greenhouse - Plants and Products for Horticulture
We are the #1 supplier of PROVEN WINNERS® plants and products worldwide, and are dedicated to providing the best plants, products, programs and services possible.
Galema’s Greenhouse - Complete line of live annual plants
We use trusted breeders for uncompromised plant quality. It is our goal to offer the newest items plus all the standard favorites at affordable prices.
Gediflora - Belgian Mums‘
Gediflora is a global player when it comes to the breeding and propagation of ball-shaped chrysanthemums. We deliver cuttings from Brazil and Africa to cultivators worldwide.
GGG International - bringing fresh breeze into your business
The wide assortment of products that offer numerous possibilities. The well known varieties marked with GGG are sourced from our breeding department, and they get better from year to year.
Gilson Gardens - Wholesale Nursery
Ground covers, perennials, shrubs, ornamental grasses and vines .... Gilson Gardens is a wholesale nursery, retail garden center & florist located in heart of historic Lake County nursery industry.
Glacial Ridge Growers -Restoring the Prairie One Backyard at a Time
We continue to offer a wide variety of Minnesota hardy perennials. For those of you who would like instant color, we also offer a wide variety of annual plants.
Green Circle - Extraordinary Plants for Extraordinary People
Dedicated to making every home & landscape simply unforgettable. By growing some of the most beautiful and dependable plants on earth, we assure you a beautiful, quality Green Circle Grower product.
Green Leaf Plants - Aris Horticulture
Green Leaf Plants® is the division of Aris Horticulture Inc. that is the wholesale source for quality starter plants, including pre-finished forms for selected products.
GroLink Plant (Gediflora) - Creating the Cutting Edge
Quality producer of Belgian Mums®, Cut Chrysanthemums, Ipomoea and Dianthus. From mother stock to cuttings, plugs, trays, ready-for-retail containers ... GroLink ships to growers across North America.
Gro'n Sell -- Quality Starter Plants.
Gro'n Sell is known industry-wide as a grower of high-quality "plug" starter plants. We also grow our Plug, Big Burly, and Big Burly Junior product lines.
Gulley Greenhouse - ground cover plants, Jeepers Creepers®
Our crop specialties includes: annual plants, hardy perennials, vegetables, herbs, small shrubs and edibles, roses, succulents, drought tolerant plants.
Happiness Farms - Caladium Growers
HAPPINESS FARMS, INC is the world's largest commercial caladium farm. We grow, harvest and ship our bulbs directly from our farm and warehouse to your doorstep.
Hatchett Creek Farm - Quality Rooted Cuttings
We specialize in flowering liner material and grow over 300 varieties, consisting mainly of Spring plants and splash perennial items.
Headstart Nursery - Rooted in Quality
Headstart Nursery, Inc. is proud to be one of nation's top growers of vegetable transplants, ornamental plugs and liners. For > 30 years, our company has been "Rooted in Quality."
Hillcrest Nursery - Herbs are Our Specialty!
We are a wholesale greenhouse business involved in the production of herbs, annuals, perennials, vegetables, and seasonal items. Our cell pack herb plugs ship nationwide.
Hishtil Nurseries - An innovative nurseries company
Founded in 1974, Hishtil is a global nursery corporation which specializes in the production and sales of vegetables, herbs, seedlings and young plants, for the professional and hobby markets.
Holt Nurseries - Succulent, Terrarium, Fairy Garden Plants
Holt Nurseries LLC, was founded with one goal in mind - to provide quality plant material at affordable prices to garden centers across the country.
Jaldety Nurseries - Unusual perennials & annuals
We specialize in producing cuttings from unusual perennials, annuals & complementary textural plants. The ideas and growing recommendations you find on our website will help you GROW.
John Henry Company - Multi Packaging Solutions
Our products are proudly offered by wholesale florists throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America.
JP Bartlett - 8 acre greenhouse servicing the wholesale trade
A fourth generation family owned eight acre greenhouse facility. Our Winter crop of rooted and unrooted geraniums and vegetative cuttings supply greenhouse across the country with our vigorous geranium varieties bred in our own lab.
K&M Nursery -- it all starts with growing plants the right way.
For 10 years K & M Nursery has strived to grow florist quality plants for independent garden centers and nurseries.
Kientzler North America - Innovative plant varieties
Welcome to world of ideas at Kientzler Young Plants. Being part of the European horticultural industry for > 100 years, Kientzler has experience in breeding and developing innovative ornamental plants.
Knox Nursery -- Bedding Plant Specialist For Over 50 Years.
Producing over 150 million plugs and liners from > 700,000 square feet of high-tech greenhouses, Knox Nursery takes advantage of Central Florida sun.
Koppes Plants - Bare root strawberry plants
We developed a new growing system for bare root strawberry plants. This system cultures strawberry plants specifically for shipping to bedding plant growers who plant them into Jumbo 6-Paks.
Krieger's Wholesale Nursery - Specializing in Fruit Plants
Feel free to visit our operation or call any time. We would like to show you around the farm. Thank you for your interest in Krieger Farms.
Kube Pak - Form soil mix into a "kube"
We are a wholesale greenhouse. The name Kube-Pak refers to the unique way that we package our bedding plants. Basically what we do is compress and form soil mix into a "kube",
Leo Berbee Bulb -- finest wholesale bulbs and perennials.
The Leo Berbee Bulb Company is the wholesale division of the Berbee companies of Marysville, Ohio. We offer the finest bulbs and perennials.
Lucas Greenhouse - Annuals, Mums, Poinsettias
Looking for a dependable and comprehensive range of product .... Searching for a supplier who can deliver the number of starter plants or pre-finished material you need ..... we've got you covered!
Malmborg’s Inc - Leading geranium propagator
A leading geranium propagator since 1961 .... product mix has expanded over years to include many Spring vegetative items, mums & asters, and poinsettias; now totaling > 700 varieties.
Mast Young Plants - varieties of worlds finest breeders
We've added > 400 hot new items to our extensive lineup featuring 1,300+ varieties from over 20 of the worlds finest breeders.
MasterTag -- Plant Tags and Merchandising Solutions
MasterTag is an international company committed to the production of horticultural care tags and merchandising solutions.
Meadow View Growers - staff experience totaling 350+ years
For > 30 years, Meadow View has been your source for top quality plants grown by our friendly, knowledgeable staff onsite here at our greenhouses.
Micandy Gardens - Horticulture greenhouse business
A family owned, horticulture greenhouse business that produces plants and flowers for other greenhouses, retail chains, garden centers and landscapers.
Millstadt Young Plants - provider of Natural Off Series
A variety of Coleus in Plectranthus family with compact vigorous dark green foliage, lavender flowers on a spike with a pungent odor that deters dogs, cats and rabbits.
Mulberry Miniatures - Flower Fairies TM
Be successful with this fun, magical, and learning miniature gardening hobby. You will find true and easily pruned miniature trees, shrubs and groundcovers to create most any tiny scenery.
Natural Beauty - Strong roots | growing for the future
Leading the way to a greener & more colorful world ....We grow wide range of plants, including young plants for other greenhouses and finished plants for retailers both locally & across the country.
North Carolina Farms - A Starter Plant Company
We are a family business with almost 40 years experience in the starter plant industry. We sell both rooted and unrooted cuttings throughout the US and beyond.
North Creek Nurseries - Where Horticulture meets Ecology
As a wholesale propagation nursery, we specialize in growing starter plants or plugs of perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns, vines and shrubs with an emphasis on Eastern US native plants.
OF Nelson & Son's Nursery - Specializing in blooming foliage
We grow Bougainvillea, Mandevilla, Clerodendrum (Bleeding Heart), Jasmine Sambac (Maid of Orleans), Dipladenia (Red Riding Hood), Brown Turkey Figs, Tibouchina (urvilleana), and Gardenias (Miami Supreme)
Optimara-Floremara - Largest grower of African Violets
With the widest selection of full-blooming varieties, Optimara continues to advance industry with new plant varieties & innovative growing techniques refined over years of R&D.
Patchwork Gardens Greenhouses - Precision Plants
Professionals prefer Patchwork's Precision Plants. Patchwork Gardens Greenhouse, LLC is a Family Owned & Operated retail and wholesale greenhouse operation.
Peace Tree Farm -- Certified Organic greenhouse
Plants You'd Buy for Yourself --- Herbs, Begonias, and Cutting Edge Plants for the Exceptional Retailer. Superior plants and genetics, state-of-the-art greenhouses.
Pell Greenhouses - outdoor mum production
Today, Pell Greenhouse Inc. has grown to an 12+ acre covered facility with 5+ acres of outdoor mum production.
Perfection Greenhouse .... owners have 30 years experience
Our Landscape & Greenhouse business provides flowers, vegetables, hanging baskets and pre-made planters, mums, poinsettias, perennials, and shrubs.
Pineae Greenhouses - World Class Breeding
Proud to offer complete line of Young Plants .... Including Suntory Collection, Premium Annuals & Perennials, Terra Nova Perennials and our collection of Kordana Miniature Roses.
Plant Source International - Herbs & Specialty Geraniums
The Grower’s Choice For High Quality Spring Vegetative, Herb and Specialty Geranium Cuttings. PSI's current production is made up of about half unpatented varieties and half patented.
Plantpeddler - The Company Growing for You!
With roots starting in traditional floral and garden center format, Plantpeddler has seen extensive growth & development of multiple divisions that serve gardeners to greenhouse growers.
Pleasant View Gardens - Innovations in Floriculture
Since 1976, Pleasant View Gardens has "Focused on Solutions" for garden centers, commercial growers and landscapers. Our Proven Winners brand is based on innovative genetics & marketing.
Plug Connection (Mighty Mato) -- compact & vigorous.
Plug Connection is known as the west coast's first ornamental young plant specialist. Today, we are one of the largest plug, liner, and grafted liner producers in the country.
Quality Cuttings Team - quality unrooted cuttings
Quality Cuttings Team has more than 700 varieties in our premier Floraplant program. Our customer service in the wholesale horticulture trade is second to none.
Raker-Roberta's Young Plants - specialty is custom growing
Leading wholesaler of custom grown plugs & liners in North America. Both seed & vegetative propagation, Raker-Roberta's supplies > 3,000 plant varieties to greenhouses & nurseries around planet.
Robrick Nursery - Young Plants, "liners"
Robrick Nursery Inc. produces young plants from cuttings for other growers. Robrick produces these young plants, referred to as "liners", in either 105 or 72 cell trays.
Sawyer Nursery - Quality Wholesale Perennials
We are an industry-leading producer of a wide variety of perennials in many different sizes. (many years of experience growing seedling and cutting plug varieties for their own use)
Schubert Nursery -- Ivy Topiary
As the premiere grower of Ivy Topiary in the U.S., Schubert Nursery specializes in providing the best selection of high quality Topiary and friendly, caring and efficient service.
Skagit Gardens - Top-quality annuals & perennials.
Wholesale greenhouse company located in the agricultural Skagit Valley. Our mild maritime climate provides the ideal growing conditions for hardy perennials.
Speedling Inc -- make Speedling part of your growth plan.
Speedling is a global leader in the production of containerized transplants.
Spring Valley Greenhouse - Quality Growers Since 1975
In 1981, Spring Valley Greenhouse, Inc. started producing quality clematis. What sets us apart from other clematis suppliers, is that we propagate 100% of all the clematis in our own facility.
Stockslagers Greenhouse - Over fifty years of growing quality plants
Dayton's source for annuals, perennials, roses, fall mums, poinsettias & much more! Dayton garden center can completely meet all of your outdoor and indoor plant needs.
Sun-Fire Nurseries -- Bringing Plants to Life.
We are family owned & deeply imbedded in production of ornamentals. We offer a wide selection of liners, and are continually adding to our product line.
Swift Greenhouses - Perennials, Herbs, and Annuals
Highest quality, most consistent plugs & potted plants on the market, while fulfilling orders with accuracy & completeness.
Syngenta Flowers - Bringing Plant Potential To Life!
A range of plant health solutions for professional turf managers, growers, and pest managers drawing on the strengths of our Crop Protection and Seeds business.
Terra Nova Nurseries -- Industry best in breeding technology
Terra Nova® Nurseries has grown from a tiny lab and greenhouse to a world leader in perennial plant breeding.
Timbuk Farms -- rooting stations and growers of flowering plants.
Timbuk Farms’ operations include young plants, finished plants, seasonal Garden Mart retail outlets, Cut-Your-Own Christmas trees, and seasonal fundraising plant sale programs.
Uncle John’s Plant Farm - 20 acres in Historic Olmsted Falls
Uncle John's Plants encompasses 5 acres of production greenhouses & gardens. The greenhouses offer annuals, perennials, herbs, house plants, tropicals and flowering trees and shrubs.
Wagner Greenhouses - Serving Growers Nationwide
Young Plants At Their Best --- Wagner Greenhouses serves greenhouses across the country, supplying high quality young plants from which exceptional finished crops are grown.
WD Henry & Sons -- > 125 years of fresh flowers
Our rich soils and ideal climate provide optimal conditions for growing premium quality flowers. Our greenhouses bloom with bedding plants, hanging baskets & potted plants for Spring.
Welby Gardens (Hardy Boy Plants) -- annuals, perennials
Our vast selection of liners makes it simple for growers to receive a wide variety of plant material from one source. Hardy Starts is a division of Welby Gardens.
Wenke/Sunbelt Greenhouses -- 20 acres of greenhouses.
Wholesale producers of quality plants for garden centers, landscapers and other greenhouses .... With over 40 acres of production greenhouses.
Wicklein's Water Gardens & Native Plants - Aquatic & wetland restoration plants
Wholesale grower of aquatic and native upland and wetland restoration plants. We currently have over 35,000 sq. ft. of greenhouses and 6 natural ponds we grow and harvest.
Woodburn Nursery & Azaleas -- Top ornamental nursery
Woodburn's nursery stock division is consistently rated as one of the top ornamental nurseries in the United States. Woodburn has 185 acres of pot-in-pot production.

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