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Messina -- Wildlife Management, Animal Stoppers

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    Started in 1998 as a New Jersey service company that specialized in deer damage protection, Messina Wildlife Management has become nationally recognized brand of organic gardening repellent solutions for a variety of domestic and wildlife pests under the brand name Animal Stoppers, including Deer Stopper, Cat Stopper, Dog Stopper, Rabbit Stopper and others. Messina Wildlife's Animal Stoppers can be found nationwide at any number of retailers in all 50 states.

    Wildlife Management -- Smaller animals such as groundhogs, armadillos, skunks, beavers, rabbits, woodchucks and raccoons cause foraging and nesting damage as they seek out areas that offer protection from the elements, an abundant food supply and/or a safe place to raise their young. To prevent plant loss or structural damage from these and other related pests, apply our liquid or granular Animal Stopper repellent to target areas. Our safe, all-natural and humane Animal Stopper repellent products create a sensory barrier that work by smell, taste and feel. Applied every 30 days, regardless of weather or watering, these pleasant smelling products dry clear and odor free. Safe to use around fruits and vegetables.

    Don’t repellents wash off in the rain? Not ours…
    For years, the biggest complaint about repellents is that they wash off after a heavy rain. We’re proud to say that our customers don’t have to worry about that since our products have been formulated to be rain resistant for about 30 days, regardless of weather, even during rain, snow and regular watering.

    Don’t repellents have to stink to work? Not ours…
    This is one of the most common mistakes misconceptions about animal repellents, and it’s based on one fundamental flaw, that animals and humans have the same sense of smell. They don’t. In fact, many animals have a sense of smell far superior then humans. That’s why, for instance, we still use dogs to find drugs. Traditionally, repellents have used their foul odor to imitate the smell of death so that animals will fear that a predator may be near by. With decreasing numbers of predators, this science is becoming outdated. Messina Wildlife is the pioneer in pleasant smelling products that use natural odors that animals dislike while still remaining pleasant to humans.

    Don’t repellents have to be rotated to be effective? Not ours…
    The animal born this spring has no idea what you used last year, so rotating products won’t make any difference. The truth is, some products aren’t very good to begin with, so when animal pressure gets stronger, they fail easier. Messina Wildlife’s products have been used for years and proven effective season after season.


    LIQUID PRODUCTS: For direct application to any problem area.
    Pro: Can be directly applied to target area and stays adhered to where it is applied.
    Con: If diluted incorrectly or spilled, product may be unusable.

    GRANULAR PRODUCTS: For low-level damage.
    Pro: Easily seen during application, ensuring proper coverage.
    Con: Can be disrupted or moved by foot or animal traffic.

    PHYSICAL PRODUCTS: For perimeter protection.
    Pro: Perimeter protection may be more cost effective then direct application.
    Con: Must include entire area, which may be difficult. May be unsightly.

    Messina Wildlife – A Complete Line of Animal Repellents
    Messina Wildlife Management’s complete line of animal repellents are proven effective, safe, organic pest repellents that are your best way to stop deer, rabbits, cats, dogs, moles, voles, groundhogs, armadillos, skunks, raccoons, gophers, mice, rats, geese and more!

    If you’re looking for natural pest solutions to help you get the most out of your yard without a chemical liquid, fence or trap, Messina Wildlife’s animal stoppers will become your brand of choice.