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Plantation Products -- Seed Starting

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    Leading manufacturer of seed and seed starting products. With our innovative, new product development team, we are able to provide home gardeners with new and useful seed starting products and exciting new seed varieties year after year! Our product listing continues to grow to provide complete seed and seed starting programs for retailers throughout the country. We do not sell directly to the public, please look for our products where high quality seed and seed starting products are sold.

    Plantation Products manages the most well-known seed and seed starting brands in North America. Many of these brands have been around since the mid-1800’s and have been trusted by generations of gardeners. Everyone at Plantation feels a deep sense of pride and responsibility to carry on the tradition of these brands by delivering the highest quality products to gardeners.
    ✓ American Seed
    ✓ Ferry-Morse
    ✓ Livingston Seed
    ✓ McKenzie
    ✓ NK Lawn & Garden
    ✓ Jiffy

    • Plantation Perennials
      The most comprehensive program of perennial seeds available.

    • Plantation Designer Collection Seeds
      Expanded variety list! A totally unique program of professional-quality annual flower seeds from the world's best growers. 
      Now available to home gardeners in unique single shades and designer mixes not available elsewhere.

    • Plantation Medicinal Herbs
      Easy to grow medicinal herbs for preparing fresh herbal remedies at home!

    • Plantation International Culinary Collection
      A totally innovative line of gourmet vegetable and herb seeds chosen for taste and flavor to tie in with the popularity of gourmet cooking. Italian, Spanish, French, Southern and Asian cuisines.

    • Plantation Products Ornamental Grasses
      An exciting new program that is unique to the market. More and more home gardeners are turning to ornamental grasses for their unique beauty, texture and easy maintenance.

    • American Seed
      Promotional seed with a nostalgic package design captures the old-time flavor of the seed industry while providing clean, bold, upscale graphics.
      Value Packs
      Standard Sized Packets
      Proven Garden Performer
      Promotional Packets

    • Plantation Perennial Garden Kits
      These professional designed gardens bloom all season long and return to bloom year after year. Pre-designed kits contain 10 packets of seed for the price of 8!

    • Plantation Products Shaker Top Cans 
      6 different wildflower varieties. Each beautifully illustrated jumbo can contains 1.5 oz of seed and covers 650 Sq. Ft.

    • Plantation Products Wildflower Cartons
      Four favorite wildflower mixes in economy size 1.25 lb cartons with perforated easy-pour spouts for ease of sowing. Each carton covers 2000 Sq. Ft.

    • Plantation Products Seed Mat Rolls
      Fiber mats pre-seeded with quality wildflower and annual border flower seeds for easy garden planting. Simply unroll the mat material over prepared soil, water and grow!

    • Plantation Products Flower Border Mixtures
      7 varieties of quality annual seeds mixed with horticultural vermiculite for ease of spreading. Create flower borders and fill out beds up to 200 Sq. Ft. per 1lb. carton.

    • Plantation Products Seed Starting
      Pre-filled and greenhouse seed starter trays.
      Seed Starting soil and additives
      Peat Pellet Greenhouse seed starter trays
      Windowsill Seed Starting Kits come with perennial or herb seeds to start right on your windowsill.
      Peat Pots in a variety of sizes

    • NK Line of Products
      A proven leader in flower and vegetable seeds as well as lawn seed, flower bulbs and perennial plants!
      NK Lawn Seed
      NK Garden Seed
      NK Flower Bulbs & Perennial Plants
      NK Spring & Fall Flower Bulbs

      NK Mini-Greenhouse Kits
      NK Windowsill Gardens

    • Fredonia Seeds
      A nationally recognized brand since 1928! We gave a new look to an old favorite!

    Plantation Products, based in Norton, Massachusetts, provides high quality products for the home gardener and outdoor hobbyist. Our brand portfolio includes the most well-known seed and seed starting brands in North America. Many of these brands were founded in the mid-1800's and have been trusted by generations of gardeners. We feel a deep sense of pride and responsibility to carry on the tradition of these brands by delivering the highest quality products to our customers.

    While we are humbled by the company's heritage, we are always working to create new products that help our consumers enjoy their passion and become more successful. This passion to "always improve" runs deep in our company's history.