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Austram -- Cocomoss Planters

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    Originally known as a coconut fiber-lined wire basket company, Austram is expanding its patented fiber clay pot category while, at the same time, re-expanding its core coconut fiber and wire basket business. The company is expanding its fiber clay offerings by introducing a couple new product groupings featuring upright 28”and 22” tall planters in two multi-planter sets and an expansion into smaller sized fiber clay pots in vibrant colors made from the company’s re-converted molds that produced last year’s plastic pots. All its plastic offerings will be dropped for 2016.

    Bringing Elegance to the Home & Garden
    In 1983, Austram became the first company in the U. S. to introduce a coconut fiber lined wire planter to the North American consumer. Today we are an industry leader, offering the most complete assortment of cocomoss planters currently available. We also offer an extensive line of products to the professional greenhouse grower. Our line also includes wire trellises and arbors, fence edging, plant stands, baker’s racks and much, much more. As we head into the next century, our mission will be to continue:

    "To market high quality, innovative decorative planters and planter accessories to the North American consumer, while continuing our tradition of providing the highest value, quality and service in the Lawn and Garden Industry."

    Address:     1400 E Greer St. Suite 8 Durham, NC 27704
    Contact:   Brent Barney  
    Phone:    (919) 688-1288    FAX:  (919) 688-0880