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Bond Manufacturing -- Garden tools, Fountains

Bond Manufacturing is the best choice for your life outdoors!
With over 60 years of experience, Bond Manufacturing is proud to be one of the industry’s leading lawn, garden and outdoor living manufacturers. Our focus continues to be our commitment to bring our customers the most innovative products and designs at the most reasonable prices. Our modern manufacturing facilities and our newly redesigned 300,000 square foot distribution center in Northern California allows us to continue providing our customers with a high level of service and support. We pledge to be your trusted supplier for your life outdoors!

Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor living area with one of our unique fountains. Whether mounted on a wall or nestled in a garden, fountains breathe beauty and tranquility into any space. Naturally, peacefully, they delight both eyes and ears. With distinctive designs that range from classical to modern, our fountains are certain to add an esthetic flourish to your garden or patio setting. What's more, the soft sound of cascading water provides the perfect complement to any outdoor experience, whether you are dining, entertaining, or simply relaxing.

Here at Bond, we've taken care to provide you with an exceptionally diverse selection of fountains. Within our collection, you will discover a variety of designs, sizes, features, and finishes. When you purchase a fountain from Bond, you will be pleased by the quality, beauty, and serenity that it brings to your outdoor decor.

Garden Care

The joys of gardening are practically limitless. The sensation of cultivated soil between your fingers. The sweet smell of blooming bulbs. The satisfaction of nursing a seed into a fully grown plant. For the gardeners of today, a beautiful, aromatic green space is not the only reward—tending to a plot of land also means reduced stress, enhanced physical fitness, and an overall improvement in quality of life.

We want you to maximize the time spent in your garden. To that end, we’ve created a selection of high-quality, expertly designed tools that have been specially crafted to address a range of gardening challenges. Our lawn and garden line includes pruners, loppers, rakes, shovels, planting implements, and watering products. Whether you’re growing flowers or produce, whether you’re a novice or an expert, we carry the tools to suit every breed of gardener.

The Outdoors...Illuminated

Delight your garden or patio with one of our radiant outdoor lighting options. The soft flicker from an elegant torch or candle will enhance the ambiance of any evening spent outdoors. The next time you entertain on your deck or patio, do so by torchlight. Whereas the artificial light of an electric bulb can break the spell of an evening al fresco, the delicate glow of a torch or a candle is always enchanting.

Our lighting catalog offers a range of distinctive models, including resin, bamboo, and gas options. And whether you choose a tabletop or a pole-mounted model, its attractive design will make it a stunning addition to your outdoor décor.

Grills For Every Occasion

An outdoor grill is not just a cooking surface—it has come to symbolize much more. An iconic fixture in backyards everywhere, the grill represents so many of life’s pleasures—summertime, family, and a shared culinary experience. Unlike indoor cooking, which generally occurs behind closed kitchen doors, grilling takes place in the open air, where guests can mingle and watch as their food is prepared. Grills have become a mainstay at sports tailgates, graduation parties, and other large-group barbecues. And more often than ever, families turn to their grills to prepare quick, healthy dinners on a regular basis.

Here at Bond, we understand the significance of the outdoor grill. For the true grilling aficionado, we’ve crafted models with deluxe components and innovative conveniences to improve the overall cooking experience. For those with smaller outdoor living areas, we’ve developed a series of compact models with space-saving features. Our collection of high-quality, superbly designed grills is sure to include one that suits your own home and lifestyle.

The Outdoor Room

The lure of the outdoors is irresistible. When warm weather arrives, we want to transfer our indoor lifestyles to our outdoor spaces—to relax, dine, and entertain in the open air. Here at Bond, we make that possible. Our extensive collection of fine outdoor furniture provides weather resistance without compromising comfort or style.

We offer a range of distinctive furniture options to enhance your outdoor experience. Our elegant dining and chic bistro sets provide incredible comfort at mealtime, while our multi-piece casual sets, complete with fashionably coordinated cushions and pillows, allow for optimal relaxation on your deck or patio. To put a finishing flourish on your outdoor décor, we offer a selection of unique outdoor lamps and weather-resistant area rugs. All of our pieces have been meticulously designed and quality-crafted so that you may make the most of your outdoor living space.

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