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Pots, Flats, Containers

Pots, Flats, Containers, Trays
Customizable, Biodegradable, Decorative, Growing, Hanging, Self Watering, Flower Pouches & Planting Bags, Media Bags & Socks, Pottery, Window Boxes


Products 1-8
Als Flower PouchTM

AMA Plastics
Everyone loves the beauty of Al’s Flower Pouch™. You can now buy Al's Flower Pouch online. The Flower Pouches are very easy to use. We’ve sold millions of Al's Flower Pouch and the demand remains strong. Add life to garden fences and walls, posts,...

Famous Pointsettia Hanging Garden & Inventory Liquidator

Belden Plastics
Belden is Better!   Belden Plastics has been providing innovative, USA-Made, injection molded plastic pots to growers since 1965. Known for developing a product that independent garden centers can count on to help build their business, Belden...

FlexiTrays® & FlexiPlugs®

Grow-Tech Manufactures Stabilized Growing Media to Give Young Plants a Stronger Start Grow-Tech LLC is a leading provider of growing solutions and soiless growing media to growers worldwide. Our main products are FlexiPlug®s, FlexiTray®s,...


Summit Plastic
Our Pots. Your Message. Our Pots. Your Message.   Color Imprinting on JanorPots! Color printing on round containers has changed a great deal in a very short period of time. Now, printing on pots is, or so it seems, more important than having holes in the bottom of...

Kamelia Multi Pot & Decorative Pots

Kamel Dawahry & Sons
Kamelia is a multi pot for all sorts of fences, adds beauty not only from the outside but from the inside of your house porch too. KAMELIA HANGING WALL PLANTER POTS RED --- SET OF 3Included with each planter is a reservoir cover to prevent unwanted...

Pot Covers (Conical-shaped Plastic Film Packaging)

A-ROO Company
Easy to use and ever-so-stylish, A-ROO Company Pot Covers are a no-fuss, no-muss way to add a little personality to potted plants. Our pot covers function very well at store level and can also be used as a beautiful decorative accent once the plant...

RootTrappers® II

THE ORGINAL Root Pruning Container System THE ORGINAL Root Pruning Container System.   Our root pruning containers create fibrous root systems using Air (RootMaker, RootBuilder plastic pots), Constriction (Knit fabric tree bags), or Trapping (RootTrapper) from propagation to large...

The Weekender hanging basket
Eckert's Greenhouse
The Weekender from H2O Labor Saver is a unique hanging plant container that allows you to save water, labor, and money! Take the Weekender to your favorite greenhouse for custom planting or plant it yourself. You'll enjoy beautiful, season long...

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