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A.M. Andrews Co. -- sprinkler & soaker hose.

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    The original flexible, durable and easy-to-use hose.  
    A.M. Andrews Co. has been manufacturing the 2 tube sprinkler hose for over 50 years. Our unique design makes the Andrews hose more flexible, lightweight, soft, and easy-to-use. Other sprinkler and soaker hoses are of rigid-walled construction, which makes them difficult to unwind and lay flat on the ground. Andrews hoses are 1/3 the size of other sprinkler and soaker hoses and weigh 30% to 65% less. Andrews hoses are also adjustable in length. The end clip can be easily removed without tools and repositioned at the desired length. Andrews hoses are durable and guaranteed for 5 years.


    Address: 4621 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy Portland, OR 97221
    Contact:   Fran Hoover
    Phone:    (503) 244-1163   FAX:  (503) 244-1245