Ambrogio Robotic

Your "green" groundskeeper -- Choose Ambrogio and you’ll have a new best friend!  
Ambrogio Robot is a robotic lawnmower than can autonomously manage both lawn mowing and recharging operations with maximum safety and efficiency. It is the ideal device for those who want a perfect mow as well as an eco-sustainable, professional and innovative experience. Relax, Ambrogio will take care of everything! All you have to do is set the schedule and let it work. And you can enjoy your green space in complete comfort and safety, spending your time doing what you love.

Ambrogio works autonomously -- And grass clippings are no longer a problem
Ambrogio Robot mows your lawn automatically and autonomously, without any need for intervention or assistance. It programs the mowing and charging operations on its own -- The robotic lawnmower works on its own according to pre-set intervals, alternating between mowing and recharging the battery. Thanks to the Mulching function, the grass clippings are left on the ground and act as a natural fertilizer for the lawn.

Find your ideal Ambrogio Robot -- Which "green" groundskeeper is right for you? Discover the Ambrogio Robot model that best suits your personal needs, the features and size of your green space, the degree of slope of the terrain and connectivity

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