Applause Technology

A fintech app for service workers  
Applause is a fintech app founded by experienced entrepreneurs and backed by some of the best VC's in Silicon Slopes. Our purpose is to help companies hire, motivate and retain service workers by providing better financial benefits & incentives to their employees. When service employees' wages are higher, paid faster, and enhanced with performance bonuses, everyone wins – businesses have enough workers, employees' financial lives are better, and customers receive prompt and friendly service.

Motivate and retain your service employees
Applause is a financial incentive app that helps your employees make more money, get paid faster, and be incentivized to do great work.

Managing and retaining service workers is hard. Applause makes it easy. Appreciation goes a long way, especially when some extra money is involved. With Applause, your employees have another reason to show up each day and do their best work.

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