Babbel for Business

Learning languages. Overcoming barriers. A language learning solution for teams.  
Removing communication barriers in a multilingual industry like landscaping can reap huge benefits. You can improve customer service, reduce re-work, boost productivity, and strengthen employee morale. Prepare your company for the future with Babbel for Business's cost-efficient and flexible language learning solution. It is the most efficient way to a multilingual team. With Babbel for Business, your team finds the right words for successful teamwork and communication.

The Babbel Experience -- Become part of a new learning culture.
Babbel for Business was created to empower organizations to communicate with real people, in real situations by blending humanity and technology. With more than 60,000 lessons across 14 languages, Babbel breaks down language barriers and helps people to understand each other better. And it works: Studies with Yale University, City University of New York and Michigan State University, and more than 1,200 business customers and 10 million users worldwide have proven its conversational success. Schedule a demo today!

Learning together. From anywhere. The new online group classes with Babbel Live enable language learning in small groups with certified teachers. Whether your team is working remotely or from the office, connect your employees through a motivating language learning experience!

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