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C&K Systems - NCR Partner Network Solution Provider

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    C&K Systems ... THRIVE with retail point of sale solutions that helps you turn everyday transactions into memorable customer experiences.   For 30 years, we have been committed to always providing our clients our signature world-class service and support while deploying innovative retail technology solutions that grow their business. Retail Solutions from NCR offers a complete suite of retail management tools that grow with your business and allows you to incorporate features and options as you need them.

    C&K Systems is recognized as a global leader in the management and deployment of cloud based retail point-of-sale environments with NCR Counterpoint for small to medium specialty retailers. In today’s connected world retailers need a suite of integrated Omni-channel and e-business solutions to stay competitive, driving sales anywhere, anytime, on any device. C&K provides experienced expert retail application and technology professionals to do the heavy lifting for retailers of any size. Customers like the simplified pay as you go service plans and from a service perspective when problems arise there is a single point of contact for resolution.

    11943 Grandhaven Dr. Suite 2A Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
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    Phone:    (888) 476-7911   FAX:  843-299-1649


    Run your business. Connect with customers. Sell anywhere.
    Built for the nursery industry, our lawn and garden POS software allows you to track your extensive inventory, manage vendors, automate purchasing, and use hardware designed to withstand the elements.

    NCR Counterpoint is the specialty retail management system that integrates the front and back offices seamlessly, enabling you to grow your business. Our comprehensive and flexible solution will manage your business's details so you can focus on what truly matters: your customers. While you’re impressing your customers, our software is behind the scenes, ensuring that everything from inventory management to front of house is a seamless experience. Whether it’s on the busiest day of the year, or a slow day aimed at impressing that loyal patron, our customizable software will harmonize your retail business.

    Phone:    800-225-5627   FAX: 


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    How to Use the New Counterpoint 8.5.3 User Interface  
    Learn how to use the new user interface in NCR Counterpoint 8.5.3. New layouts, screens, and icons make this user interface modern, sleek and quick to navigate.