Farming is stressful. Your plants think so too ... Increase crop yields by improving your plant’s response to environmental stress . 
Ceragen is developing plant growth promoting microbial inoculants for use in hydroponic greenhouse vegetable production. Our first inoculant product, Ceragen ACCelerate, has shown upwards of 8% yield increases during our on going commercial trials. Unlike many other microbial inoculants, the bacteria used in our inoculants are specifically selected for their ability to grow in hydroponic systems. Our inoculants are designed for ease of use, requiring only 1-2 applications at the start of the growing season.

Our Mission: At Ceragen, our mission is to sustainably increase the world’s food supply in a way that is both beneficial to society and to the environment. Our products provide farmers with an all natural solution to grow more food in less space, reducing the area of land required to feed the human population.

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