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BioSafe Systems -- Simply Sustainable, Always Effective.
Algae and disease control products. Protect your crops, Protect your water, Protect your operation’s future with BioSafe Systems.
Harrell's -- a leading producer & distributor of customized, agronomic solutions
This includes nutritional solutions in both granular and liquid form to help your turf, landscape and plants grow and thrive.
OHP (Olympic Horticultural) -- Partners with Solutions
OHP Inc, originally Olympic Horticultural Products, was founded with goal of becoming leading provider of technology based pesticide solutions for greenhouse and nursery production markets
Syngenta -- Bringing Plant Potential To Life
Our Lawn and Garden businesses offer a range of plant health solutions for professional turf managers, professional growers, professional pest managers, and consumers.
Growth Products -- Crystal-clear liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, natural organic
Founded on advanced technology of slow release Smart Nitrogen controlled at molecular level. Product lines include chelated micronutrients, natural organics, biological fungicides.
HE Anderson Injectors -- Fertilizer and chemical injection pumps
Since 1955, H.E. Anderson Company is a manufacturer of water treatment equipment specializing in fertigation and pH correction as well as EC and pH monitors
BioWorks -- insect and foliar disease controls that are safe
BioWorks is an industry leader in providing environmentally responsible, safe, and cost-effective solutions for horticulture industry.
SePro -- Specialty Solutions for Specialty Markets
Formed in 1993, SePRO focuses on acquiring, developing, manufacturing, and marketing value-added products for such specialty applications as aquatics and horticulture
BioAdvanced® Science-Based Solutions -- Lawn, Garden, Home Care products
Our one-step solutions make it easy to feed and protect lawns, trees, shrubs, roses and flowers through every season.
PAKGlobal -- From Greenhouse Covers to Weed Control
PAKGlobal is the new name of PAK Unlimited. For over 46 years we have manufactured a variety of specialized horticultural & agricultural fabrics
Haifa North America -- Pioneering The Future
Global leading supplier of Potassium Nitrate, Specialty Plant Nutrients and Industrial Chemicals. Renowned for its pioneering spirit and innovative solutions, Haifa is finely attuned to market trends
Gowan USA -- Bringing science, regulatory acumen, innovative investment
The Go To Company, Gowan is a family owned registrant and marketer of crop protection products.
Biobest -- Biological control & bumblebee pollination.
Our range of biocontrol products serves as the cornerstone of a successful integrated pest management strategy or helps you grow a successful organic crop.
Spectrum Brands -- Lawn & garden, Home Pest Control Products
Spectrum Brands Holdings is a leading supplier of consumer batteries, specialty pet supplies, lawn and garden and home pest control products, and personal insect repellents.
PBI Gordon -- Weed & Insect Control
PBI-Gordon Corporation is a national leader in professional turf and ornamental management with a line of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators and other products, industry.
Master Nursery Products -- Granular Fertilizers; Soils and Amendments
Mastery Nursery brand products are all premium products developed specifically for home gardeners. 100% guaranteed.
Novozymes Bioag -- Actinovate SP, Actino-Iron, NoFly Bio Insecticide brands
Global biological pest solutions company that manufactures patented beneficial microbes for the greenhouse, nursery, agriculture and consumer markets. Healthier Crops & Higher Yields!
I Must Garden -- Natural Animal Repellents
Products are made with pride in North Carolina with all natural ingredients. We are constantly testing our products to insure the best possible results for the widest range of conditions
Simplot Partners -- product distribution channel of J.R. Simplot Company
Simplot Partners offers a complete line of specialty pest management, plant nutrients, and maintenance products as well as a proprietary line of premium turf colorants, spray adjuvants, soil surfactants, and several other turf and ornamental plant management products.
Quali-Pro -- Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides
Basically Better not only describes the comprehensive portfolio of Quali-Pro products –– it inspires us to do what’s best for each and every professional we work with in the green industry.
Plant Products -- Everything You Need To Grow.
A full service supplier of fertilizer, pest control, and seeds to greenhouse, turf, nursery and specialty horticulture industries.
Southern Agricultural Insecticides
Southern Ag was started in 1930's by Hans Diem.
Central Garden & Pet -- Brands That Bring the Family Together
Central Garden & Pet Company is a leading innovator, marketer and producer of quality branded products for consumer and professional use in the lawn and garden and pet supplies markets.
Tenax Corporation -- Fence, Mesh, Plant Nets
TENAX manufactures and distributes geosynthetics for environmental engineering, geogrids for soil reinforcement and stabilization, plastic nets and grids for home and garden projects.
Sterling International -- Rescue Pest Control
At RESCUE!® it’s our goal to design, manufacture and market the safest, most effective pest control solutions available.
Organic Control -- Orcon’s beneficial insects.
For 35 years, we’ve been providing gardeners with effective and earth-friendly solutions. Orcon’s beneficial insects — ladybugs, green lacewings, praying mantids, beneficial nematodes and others — defend gardens from “bad bugs” such as aphids, whiteflies, mealy bugs and mites.
Microbe-Lift (Ecological Laboratories) -- Solving Environmental Problems Naturally
MICROBE-LIFT products are the most sought after product for water quality, clarity and overall Koi and Pond maintenance. MICROBE-LIFT PL is the #1 water clarifier asked for by name.
Sunsect, Inc -- To protect people from harmful sun rays and biting insects.
Sunsect is a patented sunscreen/insect repellent combination product that provides lasting protection against biting insects and damaging sunrays. Trusted by the U.S. military for 15 years.

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BFG Supply:  Single Source Nursery, Greenhouse Supplies
Founded in 1972, BFG Greenhouse Solutions Team assists growers with greenhouse structures. Everything from design, planning, construction & maintenance. (Professional Grower Products -- 12,000+ items from > 400 suppliers .... Plant Connection with Plant Material from > 90 suppliers

BWI Companies:   Professional Grower, Turf & Landscape
BWI distributes lawn & garden - horticultural - turf products to greenhouse growers, nursery growers, landscapers, lawn & landcare companies, golf courses -- Largest selection of grower, turf, landscape & agriculture supplies in 14 locations across the Mid-South and Southeastern United States.

Griffin Supplies:  Partner to horticulture professionals
Family Owned & Operated Since 1947, we represent the industry’s leading breeders and producers - Top greenhouse and nursery supplier in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.


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