Deer Solution

Protect Your Beautiful Landscaping From Deer Damage  
What We Do: So many homeowners struggle with keeping the deer from eating their beautiful and expensive plantings. We protect plants and shrubs from deer damage so people can enjoy their landscapes again- blooms and all.

At Deer Solution we know that you want to take pride in how your landscape looks. In order to do that, you need a service to protect your landscape from deer damage. Homeowners spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on beautiful landscaping which gets devastated by deer, leaving them frustrated, angry and embarrassed. The deer are beautiful to look at, but no one loves when they eat the flowers and shrubs, particularly when it does long term damage to these expensive plants. We help these frustrated homeowners save their landscapes from the deer, by protecting their plants and shrubs, so they can thrive and bloom again. "When you spend so much on landscaping, this service is worth the investment." Jessica F., Livingston, N.J.

When you schedule an estimate with Deer Solution - Repellent Service, a Certified Deer Damage Expert will come to your home and create a customized plan with your input. After service begins you will be able to enjoy your lush, beautiful and blooming landscape again.

Address:   PO Box 661, Long Valley, NJ 07853
Contact:   Jaime Goodrich, Co-Owner and Brand Manager
Phone:  888.503.8313   FAX: 


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