Your hassle-free wholesale marketplace for landscape materials
GoMaterials provides hassle-free plant sourcing for landscapers. We take on the search, price comparison, availability checks, quality assurance and logistics organization for all of your landscape material needs. Our mission is to save landscapers time, money and stress by taking on the entire procurement process. We take the hassle out of your hustle!

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GoMaterials takes on the search, price comparison, quality assurance and logistics organization for all your landscape material needs. Plus, it’s FREE! 

How it Works 

Step 1- Tell us what you need

Send us your full materials list. 

Step 2 - Let us search

We'll search through hundreds of vendors to prepare an optimized quote, taking into account availability, price & quality. 

Step 3 - Get your quote

We'll send you an optimized quote within 48 hours. Want to make changes? Have a specific budget? No problem.  

Step 4 - Place your order

Once your order is confirmed, we handle logistics organization, delivery and payment processing.


GoMaterials helps you, wholesale nurseries and raw material manufacturers, to grow your sales. 

How it Works 

Step 1 - Provide your catalogue 

Step 2 - Receive quotes

We'll send you a quote request to confirm the availability and price of your items. 

Step 3 - Get order confirmations

When the buyer is ready, we'll confirm the order. 

Step 4 - Prepare the material for pickup

We handle the logistics and payment processing.


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