Beneficials at work.  
    IPM Laboratories supplies beneficial organisms for the biological control of pests and the information that you need to be successful with them. We produce 6 species of beneficial organisms and distribute more than 35 other species. IPM Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1981 as IPM Services offering pest management and consulting. Today we supply beneficial insects, beneficial mites, and beneficial nematodes to control pests in greenhouse ornamentals and greenhouse vegetables, as well as nurseries and outdoor vegetables. We have beneficials to control most major pests, including aphids, thrips, fungus gnats, whiteflies, spider mites, shore flies, scales and mealybugs.

    IPM Laboratories’ most unique product line is its Aphid Guard series. These are aphid banker plant systems that allow growers to support constant reproduction of Aphidius aphid parasites even when the pest aphids are not in the greenhouse. This system incorporates aphid species that do not attack their crops, but can support the aphid parasites.

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    How Guardian Plants Reduce Pest Problems
    Take a look at the Guardian Plant container that I entered into the Kathy Pufahl mixed planter competition at the Cornell Floriculture Field Days. The first place medal is in the Home Gardener class. The plants in the container include barley for an aphid banker plant, marigolds for thrips control, Garten Mister fuschia for whitefly control, lantana for whitefly control, and black pearl ornamental pepper for thrips control.

    Aphid Guard Aphid Banker Plant

    ​This aphid banker plant consists of young barley infested with bird cherry oat aphids, an aphid species that attacks grasses, not broad leaved plants. This supports Aphidius colemani, an aphid parasite used against green peach aphids and melon aphids. 

    Our original aphid banker plant consists of young barley seedlings carrying a heavy load of the bird cherry oat aphid, an aphid species that attacks grasses, not broad leaved plants. This system supports abundant reproduction of the aphid parasite, Aphidius colemani which is a terrific parasite on green peach aphids and melon aphids.

    Aphid Guard Banker Aphids for Ervi

    These banker aphids support reproduction of Aphidius ervi, an aphid parasite used against potato aphids and foxglove aphids. 

    These aphids keep Aphidius ervi raring to go so that they can detect foxglove and potato aphids as soon as they appear in your crop. It is important to get the Ervi parasites going early in the season, before the harmful aphids can intiate high numbers. In its third year of use, we supply pea aphids as the system for supporting Ervi. These aphids specialize on legumes, and do not harm broad leaved plants or grasses. Pea aphids are not compatible with lupine production.

    Cornell SIPS ... Integrated Management of Soil Health, Carbon, and Nutrients
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