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LandscapeHub -- wholesale order management tool

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    Buy plants and landscape materials online.
    By joining LandscapeHub, you’ll have free access to our trusted network of wholesale suppliers across the country. Accessible 24/7 from your computer or mobile phone—search for products, create quotes, and submit orders from our network of suppliers. Watch this video to learn more about how LandscapeHub can help you.

    LandscapeHub: How Does it Work .. from LandscapeHub on Vimeo.

    Why LandscapeHub? ... LandscapeHub is dedicated to streamlining the procurement process in the nursery and landscape green industry. Buyers and suppliers increase efficiency, expand their networks and gain valuable market knowledge and insights by using LandscapeHub.

    Address: 16606 W. Highway 22 Prairie View, IL 60069
    Contact:   Stuart, Emily
    Phone:  312-593-8609   FAX:  847-913-9690


    Buy and sell landscape materials online

    A platform connecting buyers with a trusted network of wholesale suppliers for “one-stop-shop” purchasing 

    Buying on LandscapeHub takes three easy steps:

    1. Search Inventory - Explore an extensive network of thousands of plants and hard goods

    2. Quote Jobs - Build estimates using accurate pricing

    3. Order Online - Submit orders and arrange for delivery or pickup 

    Simple Sourcing

    Source the products you need in a matter of minutes

    • Search Quickly - Search by common or botanical name to quickly find what you need from hundreds of suppliers

    • Filters and Favorites - Filter to show products from a specific supplier, certain packaging, suppliers within a certain radius or favorite supplier

    • Product Quality - Suppliers have been vetted for quality and reliability, ensuring product meets your standards 

    Easy Estimating

    Build estimates based on real-time inventory availability

    • Accurate Inventory - LandscapeHub's inventory contains more than 70,000 products from nearly 300 suppliers

    • Time Savings - Buyers spend up to 90% less time building estimates with LandscapeHub

    Place Orders

    One-click payment from multiple suppliers

    • Order Communication - Eliminate logistics and product readiness communication

    • Aggregate Orders - Save on shipping by combining orders from multiple suppliers

    • Payment - Pay by credit card, COD, or apply for favorable credit terms 

    Start buying on LandscapeHub today

    Expand your network and start using LandscapeHub for all your purchasing needs. Join at

    Bring your business online

    Conveniently serve existing clients, while reaching new customers through a new sales channel 

    Four reasons to join LandscapeHub:

    1. Inventory Management - Maintain updated inventories and pricing

    2. Order Fulfillment  Streamline order processes using a network of shipping providers

    3. Payment - Eliminate financial risk and get paid quickly

    4. Dashboard Insights - Grow your business with analytics and real-time reporting 

    Effortless Inventory

    • Inventory & Pricing - Platform aggregates up-to-date inventory and pricing

    • Automated Feeds - Set-up feeds to update daily, weekly or monthly 

    Seamless Ordering

    An all-in-one wholesale fulfillment solution

    • Order Communication - Coordinate logistics and product readiness communication

    • Fulfillment Hand-off - Capture more orders and reduce order minimums using aggregated shipping 

    Easy Payments

    Simplify payment collection from customers

    • Payment Options - Accept credit card, COD, and industry trade credit terms (based on approval)

    • Invoicing - LandscapeHub handles invoicing and collections -- never worry about getting paid again 

    Smart Data

    Gain insight for better product forecasting

    • Track Orders - Analyze page traffic, view sales, open quotes, and orders placed

    • Analyze Marketplace - Spot trends and forecast using insights on the most and least popular products in the industry 

    Start selling with LandscapeHub today

    Explore all the tools and services you need to grow your business, online. Visit to get started.