Organic Resuce

WSDA certified Organic Antioxidant Plant Sprays
Organic Rescue Mist - Original Formula all-purpose antioxidant foliar spray is the quick, easy and organic way to rejuvenate and invigorate healthy plants and renew, repair, and replenish distressed plant tissue. Designed specifically for foliar feeding, you can use the Original Formula spray from propagation through flowering to boost plant health and nutrient intake while repairing damaged plant tissue at the spot of deficiency. Organic Rescue uses aluminum bottles because they are reusable, durable, long-lasting, and easily recyclable. The key to using Fulvic Acid? Not only does Fulvic Acid provide your plants with numerous benefits but the trace minerals your plant needs are already chelated and in usable form. This is the most efficient method of delivering trace minerals to your plants. Our active ingredient is high quality Fulvic Acid + trace minerals. Fulvic Acid is naturally occurring and one of the most effective minerals in encouraging healthy plant growth. One molecule of Fulvic Acid is capable of carrying 60 or more minerals and trace elements into plant cells, increasing essential nutrient intake therefore maximizing nutritional potential.

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