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Senninger Irrigation: I-WOB® UP3 Sprinkler

Senninger Irrigation:  I-WOB® UP3 Sprinkler -
Senninger Irrigation:  I-WOB® UP3 Sprinkler -

The Senninger i-Wob combines its unique rotary action with the wobbling of grooved deflectors to deliver a consistent droplet size and outstanding uniformity over a large area of coverage. This provides a gentle, rain-like application of water to the soil. Wobbler® technology ―rotation of grooved deflector coupled with wobbling action― provides the most uniform water application. Wobbler sprinklers distribute droplets with lower application intensity over a large area of coverage at low pressures.

UP3 NOZZLE -- UP3 snap-in nozzles are easy to remove for cleaning or changing. To remove the nozzle simply pinch and pull, then place and click to re-install. There is no need to disassemble or remove the sprinkler. The color-coded nozzles are highly visible and easy to identify. The nozzle numbers (corresponding to orifice sizes in 64ths of an inch) are visible on the ears, with half sizes denoted beneath the second digit and the notches on the lower edge of the nozzle.

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