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Personalized Marketing with Real-time Benefits -- simple. smart. done!  
Smart.Market for Business identifies who your customers are, where they live and the products and services they buy, allowing you to target and retarget with a high level of accuracy, personalization and relevancy. For the first time, you can have a truly personal relationship with your customers, while sending offers and messages as unique as the customer receiving them. Through redemption we collect individual shopper preferences while creating a loyalty database of your customers. Our revolutionary patented technology allows you to track what offers are driving business to your brand.

Smart.Market takes the complex marketing problems of today and solves them in three easy steps.
Watch your foot traffic increase as you target and retarget customers with personalized, relevant offers while communicating intelligently to existing and potential customers. With each new event you have the ability to identify prospects that look like your current customers, giving you the power to increase acquisition and retention as you compete like never before!

Smart.Market for Business lets you pinpoint exactly who your customers are, where to find them, and how to appeal to them in a way that drives results!

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