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South Cascade Organics

SLF-100 is a mixture of 100% organic, earth friendly enzymes.
Here at South Cascade Organics we are dedicated to providing our customers with products that are not only effective but also have a positive impact on our environment. We are organic veggie farmers by trade and through our beliefs of land stewardship and organic practices South Cascade Organics was formed. We know that our food is our medicine and what we use to grow our medicine will have a direct impact on its efficacy. We have strong convictions to bring natural, sustainable practices back to gardening and farming - whether it be indoor or outdoor, hydroponic or soil. We invite you to join us in a new way of thinking that focuses on not only this generation but the many to come.

When we first started out on this adventure with SLF-100, we were managing an organic vegetable farm. The family all worked together through each stage of the farming process: planting, weeding, harvesting and selling at our local Grower’s Market. Therefore it was a natural transition to incorporate that family atmosphere and teamwork into our up-and-coming business venture, South Cascade Organics. The business was birthed in our dining room, so the children were very immersed in it from the get-go. Since they have been mostly homeschooled, there has been more flexibility as far as them helping out and observing the daily process. We are a family first, and thus dedicated to building a strong family atmosphere both in our warehouse and with our customers. Passing down our beliefs, our ethic and our convictions is what creates a legacy for the next generation.

Address:   PO Box 1557 Grants Pass, OR 97528
Email:  support@socascade.com     Contact:  
Phone:  (541) 244-1802   FAX:  (541) 244-1803


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