GeoGlobal Partners (OASE)

Leading North American provider of innovative water gardening brands
For over 10 years, GeoGlobal Partners has been designing, manufacturing and marketing the finest products in the water garden, lake management, and garden décor categories. We are dedicated to providing our customers with innovation, quality and excellent customer service support for our brands. In 2014, GeoGlobal Partners became a subsidiary of the OASE Group, responsible for maintaining the consumer and commercial business in North America.

Founded in 1949, the OASE brand has set the standard for excellence in the creative water industry. OASE has developed water gardening products that provide both homeowners and landscaping professionals with the highest level of quality and reliability. Today OASE is proud to be the global leader in water gardening technology and the indoor aquatics category, believing that “Water is our passion. Water is life. OASE is Living Water”.

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