Beaver Brook Nursery

Growing America's Future One Tree at a Time
Beaver Brook Nursery LLC is dedicated to the propagation and production of the highest quality grafted liners as well as field and container grown specimen ornamental trees. We are committed to helping our customers increase profits by continually expanding and delivering the number of cultivars of Acer palmatum, Fagus sylvatica, Chamaecyparis, Cedrus, Pinus, Picea and others.

In 1999 the use of Rootmaker® containers was incorporated into our liner production process. This change has shown tremendous results both by improving the quality of the plants, and also by significantly reducing the overall production time. Now Rootmaker® containers are used exclusively in our liner production. We have over 30 cultivars available for immediate delivery including Japanese maples, Beeches, Pines, Spruce, Hinoki Cypress, Firs, Cedars, and more. All are ready for field planting or up-potting.

Address:     1 Rose Morrow Rd. Sussex, NJ 07461
Email:     Contact:   Clay Allison
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