Brickstop Corp.

Paver edgings
For the past 20 years, Brickstop has been the only company manufacturing quality plastic and aluminum paving restraint systems that effectively prevent the shifting and movement of pavers. You can feel confident when specifying paver edgings manufactured by Brickstop. Tested and proven by landscapers, landscape architects and homeowners throughout North America, Brickstop ensures long-lasting results that will keep customer referrals coming year after year.


Suitable for all commercial, industrial and residential applications, Brickstop is easily accessible and available at over 1,200 retail locations. At Brickstop Corporation, we are always extending our line of products to serve the needs of our customers, providing tools and accessories for the landscape professional.

Address:     205 Champagne Dr. Unit 3A Toronto, ON M3J 2C6
Contact:   Robert Johnson
Phone:    800-565-2599    FAX:  416-739-9506


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