Natural Repellents (Tick Killz)

Effective Pest Control
Natural Repellents, LLC, was established in 2013 for the purpose of manufacturing, marketing and distributing ‘All Natural’ products in the Organic Insecticide and Pest Control categories. In a market currently dominated by chemical or ‘synthetically altered’ chemical products, our mission is to provide highly effective and environmentally friendly ‘Green’ alternatives like Tick Killz.

All Natural Tick Killz, made with 100% organic ingredients, effectively kills ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and gnats on contact; while also providing a residual repellent benefit against these insects. Tick Killz is safe for use around children, adults and pets. Tick Killz is also safe for the environment and will not harm beneficial insects, unlike a variety of chemical products currently being used to control these insects. Now there’s an Organic and cost effective alternative to help keep you safe from the potential health hazards that can occur from a tick or mosquito bite.

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Contact:   Wilson, Mark
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