From Greenhouse Covers to Weed Control
PAKGlobal is the new name of PAK Unlimited. For over 46 years we have manufactured a variety of specialized horticultural & agricultural fabrics. Our products provide protection of crops against sun, cold, wind, insects, birds and weeds. Let PAK put its extensive knowledge and fabrics and conversion skills to work for you. With over 4 decades of fabrication experience and a large network of expert suppliers, we help you find the right fabric and accessories for your project.


ABOUT PAK --- Founded in 1971 by Larry Galloway, PAK has a proven track record of superior quality in made-to-order fabric products that outlast and outperform most any others.

Address:     185 Builders Parkway Cornelia, GA 30531
Email:     Contact:   Randy Wilkins
Phone:    706-894-1444   FAX:  706-894-1333


Shade Cloth for many applications. Many varieties and custom sizes available. Great for shade cloth, animal shade, greenhouse shade cloth, dog shade, kennel shade cloth, bleecher shade, cattle shade cloth, greenhouse covers, shade house structures.


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