Westbrook Greenhouse Systems

Every day you make decisions based on what's happening in your greenhouse. Decisions that will affect the growth of your plants and your business. But the industry is evolving quickly and you need to make decisions based on real economics, reliable information and forward-looking ideas. Westbrook Greenhouse Systems is in the business of producing systems that create growth. With over 50 years in the growing business, we know how to balance horticulture and economics, creating greenhouse systems based on experience, business acumen and innovation.

We've been growing for 50 years. Today, we offer an extensive selection of greenhouses and their related products, customized to the unique needs of each grower. But just as importantly, we offer our expertise. By understanding every corner of a commercial greenhouse operation, we can offer advice on the most profitable greenhouse systems for your business -- honest, straight talk from the people that care about your growth.

Address:     PO Box 99 Grimsby, ONT L3M 4G1
Email:    mail@westbrooksystems.com
Contact:   Gordon Van Egmond
Phone:    905-945-4111   FAX:  905-945-6564


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