Conservation Seeding & Restoration

Conservation Seeding and Restoration, Inc. is dedicated to the science of establishing and restoring ecologically healthy habitats with Native Plants. Native plants are incredibly beautiful and have specifically adapted to the local climate and soil conditions where they naturally occur. Native plants are welcomed by wildlife, serving an important role in the local ecosystem. Our indigenous natives thrive in the varied and rugged environments of the Great Basin Region, such as Idaho and Wyoming. Native plants have evolved to be drought tolerant and disease resistant.

Once established, native plants require very little stewardship, especially when compared to the maintenance inputs like fertilizers and pesticides that non-native and ornamental plants require. Most ornamental or non-native trees and shrubs require 24 to 36 inches of water per year just to survive. The Great Basin region is a cold desert with only 4 to 18 inches of annual rainfall a year. Property owners who have replaced their ornamental bluegrass lawns with Native grasses have reduced their water consumption by over 70%.

You can make a positive impact on the environment and enjoy the beauty, ease of care, and conservation of precious resources by bringing native plants into your landscapes and properties. Conservation Seeding & Restoration, Inc. will satisfy all aspects of your native restoration goals. Our team will bring passion and expertise every step of the way. From design to plant and seed propagation, to installation and stewardship, Conservation Seeding and Restoration, Inc. is saving the planet one native plant at a time.

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