Crown Bees

Gentle-natured, rarely stinging bee.  
A friendly garden companion, this gentle bee doesn't mind curious people. It rarely stings, except in defense of its life. If you can get stung, it's about the same as a mosquito bite. You won't need special lothing to have fun watching this lively pollinator. Amazing pollinator for spring food and flowers --- This tiny, busy bee outperforms her honey bee cousin for pollinating spring fruits, nuts and flowers. One mason bee can pollinate 12 lbs. of cherries, a task that takes 60 honey bees! A key reason is her hairy body easily collects dry pollen. As it falls off on each flower, 99.7% of visited flowers are pollinated.

Easy to raise, and protects our food supply --- You'll love the ease and joy of raising mason bees. It takes just a couple hours of care each year. Even better, under our Bee BuyBack program, we'll trade free tubes/reeds for your extra mason bee cocoons. Why? We need more of these awesome bees to supplement the troubled honey bee. Rehoming your bees with other gardeners and farmers, increases the mason bee population. Together, we can help our bees so vital for pollinating 1/3 of our food supply.

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