Millstadt Young Plants

North American provider of Natural Off Series.  
A variety of Coleus in the Plectranthus family (Coleus canina Sumcol 01 (Patent #13843)) with compact vigorous dark green foliage, lavender flowers on a spike with a pungent odor that deters dogs, cats and rabbits. For the last three years, it has been proven in Europe as an effective and safe method of keeping dogs, cats and rabbits away from vegetable gardens, flower beds, landscape areas, sandboxes and children's play areas. It will not harm children or pets and is environmentally safe. Plant three feet apart around areas to be protected.

Scardy Cat!, Dog's Gone! & Bunnies Gone! exudes an odor that is non-offensive to humans, but with their well developed sense of smell, repels dogs, cats, rabbits and other varmints looking for a place to do their unsavory business. An earth friendly alternative to chemical deterrents, Scardy Cat!, Dog's Gone!, & Bunnies Gone! has been approved by naturalist organizations. In addition to millions of satisfied residential customers, the plant has been very successful when used in city parks and landscapes.

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