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Hortiblock Trays .... Put the latest innovation in horticulture to work for you. Hortiblock trays are rugged, mirror-smooth containers that resist root penetration. The result? Improved plant growth, higher yields and a long service life for each tray. It all adds up to better economics for your business.

The Lettuce Raft is ideally suited for deep water culture, floating your plants to success. Sealed Surface Technology® Lettuce Raft resists water penetration, ensures durability and longevity, and gives growers a cost-effective system. The 2 x 4 foot rafts are paired with plug growing trays such as the Hortiblock 242/26 or a solid growing media. We service our clients from our own plants in Canada and Mexico, along with our affiliated EPS producers, distributors and agents, manufacturing and supplying products from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

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