Old Courthouse Nursery

Woody ornamentals (shrubs) and trees in containers
Old Courthouse Nursery, LLC was founded in May of 2000 to produce liner material for the wholesale nursery trade. Our customers are primarily other nurseries. We produce woody ornamentals (shrubs) and trees in containers. Container sizes range from 2” rooted cutting plugs to 25-gallon pots. Our plants are grown in SpinOut containers.

The Facilities --- The nursery is currently 40 acres in size with about 25 acres of actual container/greenhouse production. The nursery is totally irrigated. The primary water sources are deep wells with surface water (pond) and the county water system as a backup. There is 35,000 square feet of greenhouse area used for propagation and winter protection. Most of the cuttings for propagation come from our own nursery stock, but we do obtain some cuttings from other nurseries.

Address:   323 Old Courthouse Rd. Warsaw, NC 28398
Email:  info@oldcourthousenurserync.com
Contact:   Jeff Allegood
Phone:  (910) 293-9374   FAX:  (910) 293-9375


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