Flame Engineering

Outdoor Patio Lights & Hand Held Propane Torch Kits.  
Red Dragon Hand Held Propane Torch Kits from Flame Engineering include everything necessary to operate except the propane tank. There are literally hundreds of uses and flaming is the world's oldest, most natural method of eliminating unwanted vegetation. There are kits perfect for homeowners, farmers, ranchers, municipalities, industry and hobbyists. Choose from Vapor Torch Kits including Heavy Duty Red Dragon Torch Kits, Weed Dragon Kits, the New Mini Dragon kit and Vapor Torch Pack-Pack Kits, Liquid Torch Kits, and Jet Torch Kits.

Red Dragon Outdoor Patio Lights -- Flame Engineering also specializes in outdoor fun. Patio Lights add a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting with the glow of an open flame. Available in Portable and Permanent Mount kits.

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