Kube Pak

Kube Pak is owned by the Swanekamp family. We are a wholesale greenhouse, located in Allentown, New Jersey. One of the first questions people ask us is what is Kube-Pak? The name Kube-Pak refers to the unique way that we package our bedding plants. Basically what we do is compress and form soil mix into a "kube". Six of these "kubes" are put into a plastic "pak". Eight of these "paks" are put into a flat. It is actually an old idea that came from Europe, where farmers would make dirt cubes with soil from their fields. We have updated the idea and now use specialized soil mixes and a large hydraulic press to form our kubes. This machine presses two flats of kubes at a time and produces about one thousand flats an hour.

We have 803,000 square feet (18 acres) of gutter-connected double-poly greenhouses. In it we grow plugs, bedding plants, hanging baskets, and flowering potted plants. Potted plants include annuals and perennials in the spring, hardy mums and flowering mums in the fall and poinsettias during the holiday season. We also have 6 acres of outside growing area. The biggest part of our business is plugs and rooted cuttings. This is a year round business, and we pride ourselves on providing quality starter plants to the industry. One of the first innovations at Kube-Pak was the development of the first automatic drum seeder in the world. This technology was developed in 1970, fifteen years before drum seeders became commercially available in the United States. Because of our experience using these seeders we offer superior seed placement on our plug trays. That means a better-finished plug flat for our customers.

Address:     194 RT 526 Allentown, NJ 08501
Email:    rswanekamp@kubepak.com
Contact:   Donna Puhalski
Phone:    609-259-3114    FAX:  609-259-0487


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