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Protecting Forests, Farms and Landscapes......Target the Pest, Not the Rest!
Phyllom BioProducts Corporation is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development, marketing and sales of safe, high-performing, non-chemical BioProducts for the Crop Protection and Animal Health Sectors. Phyllom has currently developed and launched novel BioInsect Control Products that are prime replacement products for a number of market-leading, neonicotinoid products in $1B worth of plant protection markets in the U.S. ($3B worldwide). The current neonic products are now being tightly restricted and/or banned by Local, State, Provincial, U.S.EPA, Canada PMRA, European Union governmental actions spurred on by such issues as bee colony collapse, water pollution and potential for toxicity to field and nursery workers, customers, and wildlife.

Introducing Phyllom’s Expanded Product Lineup
Phyllom’s market-launched, stand-alone BioProducts control some of the most commercially important borers, beetles and weevils. This suite of proprietary Bacillus-based BioInsect Controls and technologies are protected by a number of issued and pending patents. Phyllom has signed distribution deals with a number of the leading independent distributors into the Green Industry: early-adopting companies that distribute products in the Turf and Ornamentals, Home and Garden, and Golf Course channels with the ability to effectively communicate Phyllom’s value proposition and provide high levels of stewardship. In addition, we strive to broaden our channels and become The BioPesticide InsideTM or the Company that provides the effective BioControls that are utilized in either Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programs or as mixed or co-pack products with the leading chemical insecticides.

Co-Founders of Green Earth AG & Turf recommend Phyllom’s products grubGONE! G and beetleGONE! tlc for controlling grubs and beetles.   Green Earth Ag & Turf is the U.S. leader in wholesale distribution of organic products for plants, trees and turf with thirteen years of experience and expertise in the green industries. Green Earth Ag & Turf was founded by and is still operated by scientists and we are backed by technical advisers and representatives across the country.

Phyllom's biopesticides products may be applied when bees and other beneficials are active.

Address:   484 Lake Park ave Suite 23 Oakland, CA 94610
Contact:   Yvonne Drew, Sales & Marketing
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Highlights / Featured Products:   The Power of Phyllom’s Patented Bt

Target Pests and Product Portfolio:  
Phyllom BioProducts’ patented strain of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is the first bio insecticide that effectively controls susceptible beetles, weevils, borers and grubs upon ingestion. It is the first BT insecticide powerful enough to control both adult and larva stages of susceptible pests. And unlike the chemical products, Phyllom’s line of products do not pose a risk to non-target beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies and other pollinators that exist with chemical products. Therefore, you can now achieve control rates that you expect from the chemical insecticides without doing harm to the rest of the environment. Our active ingredient (Bacillus thuringiensis), a naturally occurring soil-dwelling bacterium, is compliant with the USDA National Organic Program for use in organic crop production. And Phyllom’s manufactured products were winners of the 2015 Green Thumb Awards presented by the Direct Gardening Association for outstanding new garden products. Target the Pest, Not the Rest!

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