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Jaderloon -- Greenhouse Company of South Carolina

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    A History of Industry-Leading Innovations -- The Greenhouse Company of South Carolina
    The Greenhouse Company's proprietary line of Jaderloon® Products have each been developed specifically to meet a unique set of market needs, from extreme heat to cold frames for overwintering. After 34 years and thousands of installations, we have seen it all. Designed and tested to eliminate the common headaches of the common Greenhouse owners, our products are backed by the industry's best warranty. Our service is second to none and we promise to deliver an unbeatable buying experience.

    Address: PO Box 685 Irmo, SC 29063
    Email:     Contact: Donna Ringer
    Phone: 803-798-4000    FAX: 803-798-6584



    The Greenhouse Company manufacturing quality Jaderloon™ products was founded more than 35 years ago by two Clemson University engineering graduates. Today, The Greenhouse Company is one of the largest manufacturers of greenhouses in North America. The Greenhouse Company manufactures quality Jaderloon™ greenhouses that range from 12 feet in width to 42 feet wide.


    The Greenhouse Company offers a turn-key approach to meeting the customer's needs and starts with listening to what the customer wants. The Greenhouse Company uses its considerable knowledge and experience in designing and fabricating Jaderloon™ greenhouse structures, coupled with its own construction crews, to provide each customer with a satisfying experience. And The Greenhouse Company doesn't run away after the sale. All The Greenhouse Company customers know that The Greenhouse Company stands behind their products.


    All Jaderloon™ designs are thoroughly tested to make sure they perform to industry standards. Engineering excellence is a requirement at The Greenhouse Company. The Greenhouse Company holds several patents on Jaderloon™ greenhouse related items.


    The Greenhouse Company has in-house engineers that design Jaderloon™ greenhouse structures to meet customers' exacting requirements. The Greenhouse Company also has its own Jaderloon™ greenhouse construction crews to handle the installation in a professional manner.

    Excellent value, innovative design, and exacting quality have made Jaderloon™ the preferred greenhouse among performance-oriented growers, retailers, and learning institutions. The Greenhouse Company manufacturing quality Jaderloon™ products is designing the future of horticulture right now.